iPhone Exchnage Sync 3.0

By moberg.jeff ·
Before the 3.0 update I had my Exchange account configured on my iPhone and it worked great, contacts synced perfectly, calendar items were all there and of course mail flowed. After the 3.0 update it removed all of my contacts and calendar items and now will not sync. I found that if I put a new contact into my phone that new contact will show up in Exchange, but not the other way around. The other strange thing is any contact that I assigned a picture to on my phone before the update synced normally. I don't know what Apple did, but I don't like it. Anyone have any idea if there is something I can do to remedy this?

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Apple Technical Support

by BFilmFan In reply to iPhone Exchnage Sync 3.0

Did you report that issue to Apple?

Check that the Exchange server will allow external IP's to sync via ActiveSync, but if it was working before, it sounds like you have another issue.

Have you checked the Exchange server for issues being reported in the event logs?

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I am having the same problem

by michaelcosgrove In reply to iPhone Exchnage Sync 3.0

Exchange syncing worked flawlessly prior to 3.0 upgrade. Immediately lost all my Outlook 2007 contacts. iPhone would not sync. Bought a new 3Gs only to find exactly the same problem. Spent 6 hours w/ Apple techs who do not have a clue.

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by moberg.jeff In reply to I am having the same prob ...

I don't know if you have the same problem, but I found a solution to my problem. We did some investigating on our Exchange server and found that it was throwing a few different errors in the event viewer. I don't remember which errors, but they were easily solved by looking up the error. We also ran the Microsoft Best Practices analyzer to ensure that everything was up to par. We had a few issues there as well. After resolving all of the issues that we had all of the issues disappeared.

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