Iphone not charging

By Zanderbester ·
I have an iphone X 256GB and i am having trouble charging the device. The battery health is on 88% but when i charge it with a cable it doesn’t charge only drops but it picks up thats its charging. I could listen to my headphones and use the usb cable to transfer files over my laptop but cant seem to charge it over the cable I can only charge it wirelessly. So now I’m wondering if its the battery or charging port of the phone even though it does pick up that its charging maybe there isn’t enough power being transmitted through to the device
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Cable problem

by ankitsingh213506 In reply to Iphone not charging

Change the cable, you are getting a problem from the cable.

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Fix iPhone Not Charging

by kelseyedsy4848 In reply to Iphone not charging

Alright, it's actually needed to know what's cause it, like updated iOS, virus attack, system crash or your mentioned charging port. The ways to suggest are as follows:
1: Check Charger
2: Turn on Airplane Mode
3: Force Restart
4: Disable Background App Refresh
5: Update iOS
6: Lossless iOS System Repair - Joyoshare UltFix
7: Apple Support

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Several possible reasons

by JimInnovator37 In reply to Iphone not charging

I have several ways of "non-surgical intervention." Remove any dirt from the charging port on the bottom of the device and firmly insert the charging cable into the device. Contamination or oxidation of contacts is possible on the dielectric.
If the charging port is damaged, the device may need service. The firmware on the device may also crash.
Leave the device to charge for half an hour. The accumulator may go out of order since the guaranteed service life of the original iPhone battery is one year, after which it remains operational for a year or even two, three years.
There is also a possibility that the telephone has come out of the electrician. However, this is a relatively rare reason.

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