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By baz3rk ·
Hey guys I need some help, to start off I was changing the SIM card in my iphone and as the tray came out a piece fell down and jammed it and made it so I couldn't put it back in. Knowing something was in there I decided to journey in and remove it . I followed this
which is from TechRepublic and it helped a lot, I got to the part where I could lift up the SIM card slot and pull it out, I then continued to put everything back to how it was. I made sure I connected all the plugs back in and screwed everything back in.

My iPhone now works like normal and the slot works great with no jam but now a new problem appeared. I turn on my iPhone and the touch screen has no response . I get to the normal screen but can't touch anything so I try to sleep/wake and turn off but I can't slide or anything!

Please help it would be great if someone could narrow a problem down and hopefully fix it.

Thank you

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by baz3rk In reply to iPhone Screen

Can anyone help me?

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Pull it apart and start again!

by ComputerCookie In reply to iPhone Screen

Don't know, never seen one and not sure I really care!

This will bump you up the list though!!!

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Just in case

by ComputerCookie In reply to iPhone Screen

you don't get an answer, send the author a pm.

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Doesn't Show

by baz3rk In reply to Just in case

On the article it doesn't show the author though =\

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by baz3rk In reply to iPhone Screen

Ok, I figured it out and got my screen working again.

I have a new problem though, after I got my screen to respond I soon realized that the home button was not working, along with the charger input. My phone just ran out of batteries and I can't charge it any help?

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