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iPhone, what it could have been

By boitsfort ·
The iPhone, as announced Tuesday by Apple, is certainly a nice device, but not quite what I expected and could have been a strike on the phone market.

The iPhone I dream of is not any bigger than the Nano, has the same size display as the Nano, has no keyboard, has only the click wheel, synchronizes with address book on the Mac or any "standard" on Windows (like Outlook de facto, plus open standards address books) and costs less than 200$.

In order to dial a number not stored in your contacts list, the click wheel would act just like the good old phones of the 50's, you know with a rotating wheel generating pulses. SMS would be a little more difficult to write, but could be managed with the click wheel only.

That phone, I'm sure, would be a hit and could steal more (much more) than 1% market share!

Should I trademark this idea? ;-)

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Doubt it

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to iPhone, what it could hav ...

Creating a text with a wheel interface - get real. It would take to long...

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I'm talking of a phone

by boitsfort In reply to Doubt it

P.H.O.N.E for users like me who use it to pass phone calls (95%) and a few SMS (5%). With a proper T9 dictionary, it should be easy to write text like this.
I agree though that for SMS freaks that wouldn't do the trick.

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Click wheel on a phone?!

by IW4 In reply to iPhone, what it could hav ...

By the stars, the Nokia 3650 was bad enough!

Besides, it's already been done...of course, by Nokia. Twice. They're called the 7280 and 7380. I certainly don't expect any of my tech friends to be clamoring for either of them.

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No matter what..People Flock

by sgsuneel In reply to iPhone, what it could hav ...

Hi,No matter whether the supposed iPhone doesnt meet the conventional needs, it will be a mojor hit even over the impending releases of most of the major cell phone companies. Looking forward to possess it, anyway

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Cost a fortune

by boitsfort In reply to No matter what..People Fl ...

For sure a sexy device, but priced at the same range as (if not higher than) a Mac Mini!

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Tere are more expensive phones - You must be CHEAP!

by thephoton In reply to Cost a fortune

Try a Nokia N93 Phone for $699.00 on Nokia's website with or without a plan.

All new technology is expensive, until it gets out into the market, and phones with plans are usually cheaper.........

If you can't afford it, stop complaining.

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just because it's not the most expensive...

by frylock In reply to Tere are more expensive p ...

doesn't mean it's not expensive. I think tagging the poster as "complaining" is unfair, he was just offering an opinion. And I agree with him, I didn't see anything in the announcement that justifies the price. But that's just my opinion, of course.

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Keep cool

by boitsfort In reply to Tere are more expensive p ...

Hey man don't be aggressive. The price is just a number. And numbers are not big or small, unless one compares them.
In this case, the iPhone price tag compares to a Mac Mini. Thats my point.
Now whether I can or cannot afford it does not matter. If I had a million to spend, I would spend it in something that is worth a million. It's a matter of being smart.

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Good Luck With It

by techrepublic In reply to iPhone, what it could hav ...

The iPhone is too fragile. The front screen is made of what looks like glass. Perhaps plexiglass, which can also scratch and fade. But everyone drops phones. If this one can't take a beating, like a standard pda, they're be returning them to the stores, in less than perfect condition. Also, there's the issue of warrantee. After $400 bucks, I don't think anyone will want to pay for a warrantee, and that brings us back to break-ability. If the software crashes... and it always does, it has to be returned for service. The same as any other Mac. Very inconvenient.

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I disagree.

by ryan.rockey In reply to iPhone, what it could hav ...

Sorry but I gotta say, I find Apple's phone far more attractive then your idea of an iPhone. If they had gone with a click wheel or any other physical input interface, the iPhone would be restricted to that interface and everything else would have to be designed around it. With the soft interface that they have realized, developers can design an interface that makes sense for their application. An interface that is minimal and dynamic. A dynamic interface, plus the fact that it runs OSX makes this one sweet platform for developers. We're gonna see a lot of slick apps for this appliance and I believe, when we see this thing in all of it's glory, we'll be happy to hand our charge card to man with the black apple shirt who will probably take our order on his iPhone.

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