IPOD Touch deleting podcast app

By Charles Forbin ·
Tags: Software
I have a 7th gen iPod Touch. I have two questions about it. The first one is I want to delete the Podcast app, how do I do that? The second question is, if I delete this app, and I upload a podcast to the Touch, where will it be stored, maybe with the other audio files in Music?
By the way, I want to delete this app as I am experienced with using older iPods (nano). With this iPod, I could create playlists that contain both music, podcasts, and other sound files. It looks like this is impossible with the current iPod Touch. I know there are work-arounds where I use the mp3 of the podcast and upload it as a sound file, but there must be an easier way. Is deleting the podcast app one way? Thanks.
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