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    iPod touch restarted while using it and now telling me to set it up again!

    by shanzy ·


    My iPod touch had ran out of battery so I put it on charge and started using it when it had enough charge (still charging at the time). As I was using it, it randomly started to restart. Didn’t think much of it as it has done this in the past. However the concerning part is that when the device had restarted, there was a set up page (the page you would get if setting up a new device or after resetting it) and I have no idea why as I haven’t reset the device because I had a lot of things on in that I wanted to keep. I’ve tried turning it off and back on and forced restarting it but it’s still showing the set up page, I’m currently waiting for the battery to complete drain again and then charging it up to full to see if it does anything but I doubt it will. The strange thing is is that when I hold in the power button to turn it off, I can see my lockscreen in the background. I’ve tried connecting it to my computer, iTunes recognises the device but I can’t do anything further (look for backups etc.) because it asks me to confirm it on my iPod but nothing shows up. I’ve tried opening the files on the iPod through my computer but nothing is appearing, no folders, nothing. I tried getting help from Apple support but was eventually redirected to the discussion section on the Apple website, I only put the post up on the 3rd April but I am yet to get a reply from anyone. Setting the device up again seems like the only way I’m going to be able to get back onto it, but I don’t want to do that and risk losing everything, all backups I have seem to be gone as well. Anyone have any advice or solutions for this? Is there anyway of setting the device up again and keeping everything that was on it? Thanks in advance for any help! The iPod touch is the 5th generation if its any help!

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      Is that the model from 2012?

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to iPod touch restarted while using it and now telling me to set it up again!

      It’s old enough to fail hard. If you must run this old model, maybe find a working one on Ebay or ask at shops by (google this name) Louis Rossmann if they will attempt repair.

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        Yes, I think so

        by shanzy ·

        In reply to Is that the model from 2012?

        Yes, I think it is the model from 2012. Is there anyway to save everything that’s on it?

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          Re: save file from iPod

          by kees_b ·

          In reply to Yes, I think so

          You have had at least 8 years then to make a backup of the content of your iPod with iTunes. But it looks like you should have done that before it broke down.

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          I did have backups but they have disappeared

          by shanzy ·

          In reply to Re: save file from iPod

          I did have backups, not recent ones but I did have them and as I said in my post they have all disappeared for some reason

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          That’s not good.

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to I did have backups but they have disappeared

          As Kees noted you had years to make backups but as we know a lot of folk pass up years of opportunity to safeguard their files or in this case, a collection.

          As to recovery, after decades of seeing such things my view is it’s not worth it. Data recovery on this would be in the thousands since it’s not a run of the mill device.

          Remember: Backups are cheap (or free!) Recovery is explensive.

          Finally, most of us put the content on the pod with iTunes.
          Are the tunes still in iTunes? [/b]

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          5th Gen iPod touch ran from

          by mrmacfixit ·

          In reply to Yes, I think so

          September 2012 to June 2015 for the 32gb and 64GB models and May 2013 to June for the 16GB version


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