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ipod...sad face ipod icon...help........

By carlotinsay ·
My ipod wont start. All i see is a sad ipod icon followed by a link to www.apple,com support, I followed all the instructions at the apple website. I have reached the point where i have to force my ipod into disk mode and it went into disk mode. Good news is apple says that if it goes into disk mode theres no hardware problem and i wont have to service it. Problem is when i connect it to my computer at disk mode, itunes still cannot detect my ipod and after a few seconds it goes back to that apple logo and sad face ipod icon. My aim is to restore my ipod so i can start fresh but.....it seems i cannot. can someone help me please

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Smack it...

by _Hesperidae_ In reply to ipod...sad face ipod icon ...

My ipod started doing this a couple of months outside it's warranty. Smack it or shake it.
Works every time for me. I prefer to smack it on the long edge with my palm or a book...

These people too, I guess...


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Aye, just like you'd do with an incandescent lightbulb :^0 ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Smack it...

Do me a favour!!

If there's anything around here that needs a good smack with a book, or MY PALM, it's roughly the same shape as an incandescent lightbulb, BUT A LOT BIGGER, AND MADE OF MUCH THICKER MATERIAL. :^0 :^0

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I think that I would

by Jacky Howe In reply to ipod...sad face ipod icon ...

prefer to open it and reseat the Drive if it is reasonably easy to do.

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hard drive

by carlotinsay In reply to I think that I would

when i put my ipod next to my ear it makes a click click sound repeatedly...some say its the hard drive...but i think ill try that re seat idea of yours... how do i reseat it.. i now have the manual to open it from jacky howe.

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Hey Carlo

by Jacky Howe In reply to hard drive

Very carefully remove the Hard Drive Cable and reconnect it. I don't like the sound of the clicking as this normally means a faulty Drive. Let us know the outcome.


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I will remove it very carefully

by carlotinsay In reply to Hey Carlo

I will folow the instruction or cheat manual you gave me and will remove the cable of the hard drive very carefully and put it back on again. Will let you guys know the outcome as soon as i finish the job...wish me luck...this is my first time opening an ipod.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good Luck

by Jacky Howe In reply to I will remove it very car ...

Carlo and I hope it turns out OK.

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In my experience

by RT (Panzer Time!) In reply to ipod...sad face ipod icon ...

I've had similar problems, where the PC wouldn't recognize the iPod or wouldn't recognize it for more than a few seconds. I found that it helped to fill the battery up using a wall charger (yeah, big scam, I know) and then when the PC would finally recognize it I'd do the whole format thing.

For some reason it seems that iTunes has a hard time detecting (and in some cases even putting into charge mode) and iPod whose battery is completely dead.

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Reset you IPOD

by Router boy In reply to ipod...sad face ipod icon ...

What you need to do is toggle the lock switch from unlocked to locked and back to unlocked. After which press and hold in the Menu button and center button until the apple appears.

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