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By bosssanju ·
why we have to ip release and renew

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by dbart1 In reply to iprelease

IP release will reset the PCs address to and renew will obtain an IP address providing you are setup for DHCP and not static IP. In WinXP if you right click on the LAN connection icon in the system tray and select repair, it will renew your IP address. Comes handy for laptop users who switch on the laptop before connecting the LAN cable.

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by pctech In reply to iprelease

I will attempt to answer your question by saying that IP /RELEASE and IP /RENEW are useful tools to discover if the computer is communicating properly with the DHCP service. MS also suggests that you do an IP /RELEASE before moving a computer to another network or subnet and an IP /RENEW once it has been placed on the new network or subnet. Normally this will happen automatically when the computer is put into place in the new location. Still, it is a useful tool to assure that all has gone well with the transition.

I hope this helps you.

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by OTL In reply to iprelease

You may have a specific gateway coded on your computer, so the PC is trying to use that gateway which is not on the network you are on.

FYI - Have 2 networks in the office and have to release/renew on only 1 of them.

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