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IPSEC behind a Cisco with NAT

By Darrell Raines ·
Ok folks here's the problem.

I've got a a client who wants to connect to a similiar company to theirs via VPN and share information with them.

The basic setup is this.

Client's rival -

VPN appliance using a preshare Key.

CLient's setup -

Cisco 1600 with two CSUDSU with one for the Ethernet and one for the serial. The one on the serial runs down to a remote office 2 states away and the other on the ethernet is on the internet.

WHat we want to do is put a Linksys VPN firewall router behind the Cisco and link up to the rival but allow all the remote users to still access files. However the other problem is that the IPSEC doesn't like NAT.

No one seems to be able to help me out and every solution I can see revolvesaround getting antoher Cisco and CSUDSU to pass directly to the linksys.

Any ideas?

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