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IPSEC config for VPN access

By cpfeiffe ·
Hello all,
I have XP Home. I am trying to connect to a Linksys Router/VPN endpoint. I have seen that I need to configure IPSEC on my XP Home VPN client. I do not have the MMC snap-in and can't seem to get it. I connect to six other VPNs w/o issue, but I definitely have an IPSEC problem with this new VPN endpoint. Anyone know how to get IPSEC set up on XP Home or have any more info on working with the WRV54G VPN? Any help is appreciated.

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by K.Grass In reply to IPSEC config for VPN acce ...

Question: Is the VPN endpoint on an Active Directory Domain? If it is then you cannot connect XP Home to it because it cannot use the Kerberos V5 protocol to authenticate secure communications. It can only use IPSec that is configured on the local machine only.

Additionally, the IPSec snap-in should be present on any base installation of XP Home. To see if it actually is present navigate to this key from Regedit.exe:

If it is indeed there you should be able to add it to any MMC console from the Action menu. If you are unable to configure it for that particular connection then your problem resides on the servers authentication protocols. Something only the servers administrators can rememdy.

Another thing you might want to try is to go into the VPN connections Properties dialog on the local machine and see if the 'Obtain An IP Address Automatically' option is enabled. If it is then here again, the server admin has not enabeld TCP\IP using DHCP and your machines IP address in not on the local subnet, therefore again, denying your connection.

HTH, K. Grass

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by K.Grass In reply to

Go to Contol Panel and then Network and Internet Connections | Network Connections. Right-click the icon for the VPN connection you want to configure and choose Properties.

1) Click the Networking tab
2) Select Internet Protocol (TCP\IP)
3) Click Properties
4) Select 'Obtain An IP Address Automatically'

If the server is configured to let the client computer (that's yours) supply its own IP address then select the 'Use The Following IP Address' option and then specify an IP address in the same subnet as the VPN server. Click OK.

Should work after that provided the VPN server is set up properly. But remember what I said about Kerberos and Active Directory, if it is that type of server then you will not be able to connect no matter what you do short of installing XP Pro, which for corporate, business and VPN connections is your best bet anyway.

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by K.Grass In reply to

One more comment on connecting to Windows domains; if the machine that you are attempting the connection from is a member of a workgroup, Windows XP Pro or not, the connection will be denied. I don't know, ask Microsoft about that one, seems kinda screwy to me.

K. Grass :)

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by cpfeiffe In reply to

Thanks for your suggestions. We never got this to work, but that was even after getting LinkSys and Microsoft support on the line. We just gave up and took a different approach. This is for me and my business partner (remote UNIX SAs / Oracle DBAs) to communicate. We started using GoToMyPC and love it. It is Citrix-based so it is quick desktop sharing and you can transfer files.

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by cpfeiffe In reply to IPSEC config for VPN acce ...

Thanks. Here is how we are trying to connect

XP Home > DSL Modem > Internet > Linksys Wireless VPN Router.

All firewalls on both ends are off. The endpoints are my XP Home system (Linksys Quick VPN client installed) and the Linksys Wireless VPN Router.

I have a store bought pre-installed XP system. I have done some tuning since, but never touched IPSEC. IPSEC is not there. I added the snap-in myself, but I can't figure out what I should do to configure it to work with the VPN.

The problem may be on the other end, but it is definitely IPSEC related according to Linksys. Linksys also claims that they connected to the router, but I don't know if I believe that.

I think you may be on to something with configuring my machine to accept automatic VPN addresses. Where do I do that?

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by cpfeiffe In reply to IPSEC config for VPN acce ...

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