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    IPsec services error 87


    by vergilius ·


    Suddenly, my IPSec config has stopped working under Windows XP. When I try to start the IPSec services service, I get the following error (translated from the Dutch version):

    IPSec services service failed to start.

    Error 87: The parameter is incorrect.

    I’ve tried to reset my TCP/IP with netsh, reload the default policies in the IPSec snapin and spent hours searching the KB for “error 87”. I’m at a loss.

    Could someone please shed some light on this?


    Sven Hazejager

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      IPsec services error 87

      by info ·

      In reply to IPsec services error 87

      Please could you be more specific? Error 87 can effect and be the result of many things. Which OS are you using? Which applications do you use for connectivity. Is this an i386, Alpha, etc… computer? What is the entry in the event viewer?
      Sorry but it’s hard to answer with so few clues.

      A common occurence is when an application abnormally terminates itself or is unexpectedly terminated by another application, causing an access violation. Error code 87 can happen when the error log gets loaded and the process is shut down before debuging information can be obtained.

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