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    IPv4 header


    by nicole_howard ·

    What field of the IPv4 header identifies where a fragemnt belogns in relation to the original packet? Identification, version or type?

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      by ghstinshll ·

      In reply to IPv4 header

      I think that the Identification holds that answer, with a sequential number being sent on every packet, allowing the sender to know whether each packet is received or not because of ACK’s from each packet, or something like that.

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      first, third

      by homekeys ·

      In reply to IPv4 header

      The first is the version. but it is ussully 4 unless you are in ip v 6 shop. usually represended with hex code of 45. this means it is version 4 with a lenth of 5

      then ihl internet header length field.

      then the tos type of service

      then total length

      the hex xx xx four in length

      then the identification a number

      then the flag frag no frag

      then the frag offset

      with the the ttl, protocol, and checksum.

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        that looks wierd

        by homekeys ·

        In reply to first, third

        it is identification with the flag and frag that define frags locations if i am wrong please correct me.

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      IP Fragmentation and Reassembly…

      by vze393zf ·

      In reply to IPv4 header


      Read this PDF file…it will step you through understanding IP Packet Fragmentation…why packets are fragmented (which I’m sure you already know) and give the exact parameters that need to be set in the newly created fragment packets in order for them to be reassebled at the target destination host.

      Take care.


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