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By HerrV ·
I cannot find a browse for file to include screenshots, but I'll describe the problem as best I can without one.

Recently we have started using Ipv6 in our Lab for purposes of following the ICDN 100-101 material. The first lab we setup did not complete successfully. The lab calls for 3 Routers (2**1) and 3 PCs (Windows Vista/7) to setup, configure and test OSPFv6 given an addressing table. Shown below (Pasted):
R1 G0/0 2001:DB8:ACAD:A::1/64
FE80::1 link-local N/A
S0/0/0 (DCE) 2001:DB8:ACAD:12::1/64
FE80::1 link-local N/A
S0/0/1 2001:DB8:ACAD:13::1/64
FE80::1 link-local N/A
R2 G0/0 2001:DB8:ACAD:B::2/64
FE80::2 link-local N/A
S0/0/0 2001:DB8:ACAD:12::2/64
FE80::2 link-local N/A
S0/0/1 (DCE) 2001:DB8:ACAD:23::2/64
FE80::2 link-local N/A
R3 G0/0 2001:DB8:ACAD:C:/64
FE80: link-local N/A
S0/0/0 (DCE) 2001:DB8:ACAD:13:/64
FE80: link-local N/A
S0/0/1 2001:DB8:ACAD:23:/64
FE80: link-local N/A
PC-A NIC 2001:DB8:ACAD:A::A/64 FE80::1
PC-B NIC 2001:DB8:ACAD:B::B/64 FE80::2
PC-C NIC 2001:DB8:ACAD:C::C/64 FE80:

However, before configuring OSPFv3 network statements the Lab calls for a test from the PCs to their default-gateways to be done. Ultimately none of the pings were successful, regardless of configurations.

The first profile was tested using the IPv6 configuration in Windows Network and Sharing Center.

IPv6 Address : 2001:DB8:ACAD:C::C
EUI 64
Default Gateway:FE80:

The configuration of the router:
R3(config): ipv6 unicast-routing
R3(config): interface gi 0/0
R3(config-if): ipv6 address 2001:DB8:ACAD:C: eui-64
R3(config-if): ipv6 address FE80: link-local

No pings were successful. (even with

Second Profile Used with the PC:
IPv6 Address : 2001:DB8:ACAD:C::C
EUI 64
Default Gateway:2001:DB8:ACAD:C:

No Pings were successful.

The Lab Machines are HP Compaq's running Windows 7 Professional. With Intel Core 2 Duo (2.4 Ghz) and 4 GB of RAM (3.5 useable). The same results were shown across the lab. No pings were successful with these configurations, however as soon as a seperate laptop with the same configurations running Windows 7 Ultimate as well as a laptop using Windows 7 Home Premium were used in the lab. Pings were successful to :


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by HerrV In reply to IPv6 Configurations on NI ...

So we have determined that the Lab Machines are our problem, but we have no current solution to ping successfully. Even forced using ping "address" -6 as well as pinging ::1.

If you need any clarification or other statements. Please request. Also on a side note I am quite displeased that all my colons and 3s without any delimation were automatically made a smile of some sort.

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Attepts to Solve

by HerrV In reply to IPv6 Configurations on NI ...

So far the following has been done:

Various Profiles of IPv6 Addresses for the PC (HP Compaq 8000 series Small form factor)
[including FD:]
Updated NIC Drivers (2 years old)
Installed all available Windows 7 Updates
Interchanged cables used (various crossovers)
netsh int ip reset C:\Resetlog

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