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Iraq- For better or for worse

By Oz_Media ·
While reading some news from the Middle East, BBC NEWS and a few others including Iraqi news, I ran across more and more articles about the repression women have faced SINCE the US ocupation that wasn't there before.

In Afghanistan, the focus was to rid them of the Taliban, freeing up Afghanistan to operate democratically and reduce the amount of repression of women in the country. Oh, and to rightfully kick the turbans off of those who terrorized America.

Since the key focus and majority of coalition troops were moved to Iraq, everthing done has slowly been reverted, more and more Talibam rule now than ever before and Kandahar is just a breeding ground for terrorism.

But what about Iraq? There are lots of troops in Iraq, but AlQaeda has now taken over there by amassing all the former (much smaller) radical groups into one large, organized terror group. But what about the people of Iraq who are supposed to be saved by this change in government and millitary control?

"The police in Basra claim that as many as 15 women a month are murdered for breaching Islamic dress codes. Iraqi women claim that over the past five years they have lost their freedom of movement, the right to dress as they please and their legal standing."

Whereas before the invasion they were repressed somewhat, but still apparently happy and leading normal lives (as were most Iraqi's, despite what SOME news has reported from time to time) it seems that they have been forced to follow a more traditional Muslim lifestyle of repression now and have lost many of the freedoms they once had.

So what is REALLY being done in Iraq, other than years of rather senseless fighting and deaths with no resolve and no gains in sight?

If the Iraqi's that were once on the side of democracy are now turning against the USA and UK, if the insurgents are growning in number and still laughing at 'the infidels' while killing them, how is it that things are getting better?

How is it that the powers that be never saw this coming to begin with?

Did they know it would be endless?

Why is it that the ONLY time the US has ever started a war, it happens to be in a country where the US was cut off from importing their oil and stands to gain great benefit in silencing a 2000 year old conflict?

IF the US was to win this one tomorrow and all the oil flows freely to America, will the US government then turn their nose up at the idea of being more resourceful because they are not FORCED to be anymore, until years down the road when that well dries up too and they invade someone else for THIER oil?

If Canada stopped sending oil to the US, would there be another US vs Canadian war? Well I think it would be the US vs the world at that point, Canada has many allies and very few foes, even in the Middle East.

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BAD OZ entering stuff unapproved by the US Military Censor

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Iraq- For better or for w ...

I certainly hope you have your Fire Proof Underwear on.

I can't say I disagree with you though I haven't been subject to the Mass Media Brain Washing Campaign that is currently going on in the US.


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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to BAD OZ entering stuff una ...

gods but they've been at that for years. I can't remember the last time I could just catch the evening news and trust that I was getting the straight scoop. These days I have to hunt a bazillion news sources and then put the puzzle together from the variety of 'viewpoints' that I find.

Disgusting. News, my @ss.

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That's why...

by jck In reply to MMBWC...

I watch television...then watch BBC feeds...then read Irish and Australian news.

I hate getting spin when I want to know what really goes on in the world.

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It's not really news

by Oz_Media In reply to BAD OZ entering stuff una ...

It's all just fluff put forth by those currupt agencies, outside of teh US media.

I suppose the post was too long for the questions to be at the bottom though. Oh well, who could expect to get rational thoughts from the south anyway?

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Now Oz...

by Jessie In reply to It's not really news

I know there may not be many of us, and our voices are not often heard above the drone of republicans making money, but there are some still functioning brains to the south of you.

And if Canada stopped sending oil to the US, I'm sure their would be plenty of Americans who would be so overwrought by such a calamity that they would then be BEGGING the president to open up our protected land for oil drilling, and then those of us who hadn't already moved to Canada would invade.

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My most humble apologies, sir.

by Oz_Media In reply to Now Oz...

You are right and I do apologize. However, Hal9000 and I have always been quite cut and dry with one another, though it was a bit broad.

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Not possible.

by $$$$$$$$$$ In reply to BAD OZ entering stuff una ...

The military-industrial complex fully supports the appearance of freedom to dissenting speech. Just don't try to tell high school students that military service is less adventurous than a GI Joe cartoon.

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Oz, only you would change the Iraq war to

by DadsPad In reply to Iraq- For better or for w ...

a Canadian war!

Seriously, we, in the west, are amateurs compared to propaganda the middle east can do. I remember before the Iraq war, latest one, that the press had interviews with individuals that said just about everone in Iraq had at least one relative that was killed, tortured or dissapeared, they wanted that to end.

Now they are saying that things were better or got worse because the US and allies came in? We are in the age of shock news. I do not believe much of the news today is well researched. I do remember when I was in the service, servicemen reported that women were very repressed in the mideastern countries. Of course, that was another war. :0

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But Dad, they lost rights they never had?

by jdclyde In reply to Oz, only you would change ...

Yeah, if things are reverting back to islamic law, then the women that were enjoying their new-found freedoms would get punished/killed. Makes complete sense to me.

Total BS that they have less freedoms now than they did 10 years ago.

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A little history

by JamesRL In reply to But Dad, they lost rights ...

Iraq before the war was a SECULAR society, with an Islamic face only when it suited Saddam's interest. That is why Bin Laden hated him and wanted him out of power.

In Iraq under Saddam (prior to the Gulf war), women were able to perform most of the same roles as men, and had the right to vote, attend schools (including university), run for political office and own property.

After 19**, Saddam attempted to portray himself as an Islamic leader, and to do so some of the rights of women were taken away.

So frankly its not that simple, for anyone to say. Women were better off before 19** than they were after. Women now may exercise their rights if they are in a "free" area. No doubt if they are in an Al Qeada controlled area, things are far worse than they ever were under Saddam.


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