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IRQ Steering & USB ports

By ratcatcher ·
I have a problem with the IRQ Steering on my computer.

Up until recently the USB ports on my computer were disabled but when I bought a new digital camera I enabled these ports in the Bios.

When I enabled the Onboard USB it called for therelevant drivers from the Windows 98 disk, which it located and installed without a problem. However, when I checked the IRQ Steering I found it had became disabled with IRQ Table errors.

I reinstalled the motherboard updates again (580_2150(3) IDE Busmaster Driver version 21.50, irq13aw Fix some IRQ assignment issue in Windows 95 98, Viaagp404e Fixes the previous problem of the 4.03d driver ins) but this still didn't rectify the problem.

Also, if I disable the Onboard USB the IRQ Steering returns to normal operation but I loose the USB connection to my camera.

I subsequently reformatted my computer and reinstalled from a clean backup (including the above motherboard updates) with the Onboard USB disabled.

Could you please tell me if what I've experienced is normal and advise me how to rectify my IRQ Steering problem when I enable the USB ports.

My motherboard is a Soyo 5EMA+V1.0 with ETEQ 6638/9 Chipset.
The Bios revision is 5EMA+V1.0-ICA.
The Op Sys is Windows98 version 4.10.2222


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IRQ Steering & USB ports

by MMerritt In reply to IRQ Steering & USB ports

Basically, Do your USB ports work? If so, and it seems to me like they do and as the old saying goes "If it works don't fix it stupid". I have spent more time on this issue than I care to admit so I guess I'm guilty of being stupid myself. If your motherboard/bios is more than 1 or 2 years old and doesn't have complete support for ACPI/PnP as well as the operating system with related updates, you will find IRQ steering disabled with errors but most of the time your devices will still work. You might have problems sharing IRQs if you have all the expansion slots on the motherboard populated. Just some thoughts. While not necessary, the only solution to this is a flash bios update or purchase of a new bios chip from one of the many BIOS chipproviders.

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IRQ Steering & USB ports

by ratcatcher In reply to IRQ Steering & USB ports

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IRQ Steering & USB ports

by ratcatcher In reply to IRQ Steering & USB ports

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