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IRQL errors with video card and mb.

By garthhelmer ·
I read that IRQL stop errors (blue screen of death ensuing) are caused by software glitches most commonly associated with driver problems. I have an amd athlon xp 3200+ with an asrock 939 sata2 mb, radeon 9800xt, sb live sound card, 1 ghz (2x512) of 3200 ram (high ecc buffer- ran memtest everything checked out fine), and windows XP SP2 fully updated. I used to play World of Warcraft before my computer had problems. About a month ago, the power supply burnt out, luckily the rest of my system was unharmed (or so I think), but now I can't play WoW because of several interface folder erros popping up every time I try to run the program, unless I delete these interface folders each and every time.
I also notice, apart from random IRQL messages that my video card generally is overheating now (which I think I might have cured with installing a new fan and putting extra cooling sealant down on the gpu, but it still gives me black screens and instability when playing or sometimes just when loading certain items outside of any game. Of course it occurs much more frequently in-game than out. I have tried installing the latest Direct-x version (required by most games I play), as well as the ati radeon 9800xt drivers and then uninstalling them all and installing the omega drivers, which most other people said worked, but I'm still getting the error. I also uninstalled the ati tools which some people said were giving them errors, and I disabled fast write and write combining in bios/video card troubleshooting settings. The disabling of write combining helped, as well as the removal of ati tools, but still getting the IRQL errors on occasion. If anyone knows of a suggestion to help me, or perhaps better drivers for whatever I have now, let me know. I'm going to get my system diagnosed for 40 bucks at a computer store tomorrow, maybe that'll shed some light on the problem, but probably not. Most likely I just need a new video card, but I don't know for sure yet. Lastly, the blue screen error never occurs in-game now, and the screen turning black and the picture being messed up on the monitor, as well as the computer freezing (gpu of vid card overheating) only occurs in WoW or other games. Just wanted to specify that as well.

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Device level testing is required here.

by stress junkie In reply to IRQL errors with video ca ...

This may seem simplistic but since you correctly suspect that your graphic card may have a problem then the next step is to employ the time tested technique of device level testing. This means that you swap out the suspicious device for one that is known to be good. You don't have to get an expensive ATI card. You can use a very inexpensive graphic card. Since you already have the ATI graphic drives installed then you will want to get another ATI graphic card as your known good test device. Since graphic cards are being developed very quickly you should be able to get a new older version of an ATI graphic card for very little money, say US$45 or thereabouts.

Naturally, if the new card works without problems then you know that the expensive card is fried as far as using it to play WoW. If the new card has the same problems then maybe some compoent on your motherboard is fried. Or, and I don't say this lightly, maybe some software configuration change that you made could be the problem and the demise of the power supply may just be a coincidental but not a causal event.

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thanks for the reply

by garthhelmer In reply to Device level testing is r ...

Bump. Glad to hear some info. I'm actually going to go to a comp store and have them do diagnostics on the dimm slots on my mb, my ram, and my video card, since I'm now seeing some tearing and flickering on the screen in windows every so often, as well as image corruption on a very small scale. Also, using different sticks of ram and dimm slots yielded strange results, sometimes the computer would load and then crash with errors, sometimes it would freeze, sometimes it would load fine until I tried to install WoW, then it would fail sometime within the installation and freeze up with a BSOD. Maybe I get can an answer from these tests, and if not, I can always wait till I go see my brother at the end of the month and have him test my components in his machine, which works fine.

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