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IRQL Not less or Equal Error BSOD

By zexzy ·
My computer's spontaneously restarting, the middle of a multiplayer game,specifically WordBattle at Midasplayer,if that matters.

No error message or warning,restarts normally & no problems after(that is,until it reoccurs).Didnt happen every time I played & did happen at least once when not playing.

Disabled auto restart in Win XP to see any error messages.
Soon,happened again,this time NOT in a game,so dont know if it's the same error msg when I was.

STOP:OX0000000A(OXC8E0097E,OX00000009, OX00000001,OX804D910

Ive researchd this problem & keep seeing references to driver &/or RAM problems.I mention the repeated driver and memory suggestions specifically,because seems to me that people may be confusing 2 similar errors when troubleshooting this.If this is so,it may lead some down the wrong path unnecessarily & wanted to avoid doing this in my case (as well as help others in theirs).

I admit dont know much about this,but from what Ive read,looks like u can get the error I get which may point to memory problems,but you can also get a similar error which may point to driver probs.

My error is "IRQL not less or equal", while Ive read elsewhere that others have gotten "Driver IRQL not less or equal".Itseems to me these may be related, but arent the same thing & fixes for one wouldnt help the other.

Sorry to be so wordy in explaining,but wanted to be sure to differentiate between the 2,in case these 2 errors are confused at times,so anyone offering help for my problem wouldnt focus on the driver-related error,similar to my (possibly)memory-related error.

Of course,if I got that all wrong,then just ignore & any help for my problem's much appreciated!

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by Jacky Howe In reply to IRQL Not less or Equal Er ...

Download and run MemTest its a free memory tester. It will soon let you know if you have faulty RAM.

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by josh In reply to IRQL Not less or Equal Er ...

By what you have stated I am assuming that you have tested the RAM with a program like memtest, checked for updated drivers, especially your video card drivers since you seem to steadily get the BSOD when playing (and once when not playing the game). If the RAM tests good, then I would next start testing the video card, if possible put another good video adapter in your machine and run your game. Try running the machine with another higher wattage PSU, and removing any PCI devices besides what is necessary. Do you have anything hooked up USB to your computer? Good Luck and post back!

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by wicthyoneofcourse In reply to IRQL Not less or Equal Er ...

Hi there, it was funny seeing your post because I'm at exactly the same stage, all this research is tiring! The IRQL error message could indicate memory issues.

I've got something else though too, I try to go to Contol Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer to see a log of the fault, and there is no record of it, there are only files from 2004. The next events recorded after 2004 are labelled 2010 - none of the times match the times when I got the blue screen of death. My computer clock working OK..BIOS clock I wouldn't know how to check.

Have you checked your event viewer? There should be a log of the crash there and what caused it.

One thing you didn't mention that I found, was that when you get an IRQL message that indicates a Memory problem, it might not be your memory, it might be a faulty memory slot on your Motherboard, could even be a bent pin. You might need to visually check it and do a mem test.

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