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Irritating Problems

By jeffz ·
Hello all,

I know it's a big IT world out there and I was wondering what is your most irritating LAN/network problem? I'm talking about the problem that never seems to go away and/or it morphs into different forms.

For me it's printers. It'seither corrupt drivers, repeated paper jams, users cannot print, spooler problems, disappearing print server and of course the old "call in a trouble ticket, because the printer can't print my 20mb PowerPoint slide in a timely manner". Of course this person didn't want to walk to the high-speed network printer 20 feet away, and was trying to print on a HP4L connected next to him for a briefing in 5 minutes.

Users are a big problem I know, but I?m looking for stories of the mysterious missingemail, roaming profiles that stops roaming on it?s own, or an Exchange MTA backlog for no apparent reason. And it just gives you fits because you can?t nail down because once you start to troubleshoot deeper ? it clears up.

I?m not looking for techie answers on how to fix these problems, just some validation that I?m not alone in this sometimes-irritating yet laughable ****.

Sr. LAN Administrator

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day-to-day irritations

by tkernal In reply to Irritating Problems


You are far from alone in this. I currently work as the systems admin in an educational institution and let me tell you that I think I've just about seen it all as far as irritations go. College students will find a way to constantly informyou of each and every glitch in a system. Almost daily I hear the words, "The print server's down again." (When in fact there may, or may not be a legitimate problem), or like you were saying, "My 30 Mb photoshop image isn't printing, and my class started five minutes ago."

I used to have problems with roaming profiles, until I found a much easier solution. Or the infamous, "I can't login", to which my normal reply consists of, "Do you have a user account?", which they never seem to have, or don't know when they do. It's a frustrating business at times. But, I can honestly say that despite the living **** that it sometimes becomes, I absolutely love my job. I think that the more irritated I get, the harder it makes me work.

Todd Kern
Supervisor - Internal Systems Support Team
Drexel University

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Irritating bug

by pallan In reply to day-to-day irritations

The keyboard-chair interface virus. Causes me no end of problems.

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Collection of Viruses

by jeffz In reply to Irritating bug

Ok, Pallan I give up ! I don't seem to have the keyboard-chair interface viruses in my collection. What is it?

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by pallan In reply to Collection of Viruses

It's the most common and also the most damaging virus in existence. Users.

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ode to the end user

by IT_Cowboy In reply to Virus.

My favourite is the 'carbon based' error. Many users think is another IT techo term, but it was our version of 'user' error. It gave us much delight when informing some users and they'd nod their head as if they knew what we were talking about...if only they did.

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I always liked...

by pallan In reply to ode to the end user

... the ID 10 T error.

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Favourite Helpdesk Acronym

by Jeff Dray In reply to I always liked...

Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard

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by DaWiz In reply to ode to the end user

Half a lifetime ago, working flightline problems in the Air Farce, we had to turn in paperwork indicating the cause when a job was complete. The wing commander declared that CND (could not duplicate) would NOT be coded in because if his pilots reported something didn't work right, there was by God something wrong. For the next six months, until the annual readiness inspection report, we simply coded any problems which resulted from operator error as "D1LD0". ...these days it's either "I/O error" or "Control Program Failure".

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Freudian slip "Air Farce"

by williecrosby In reply to

or did you mean it?

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It's an Id-Ten_T problem

by williecrosby In reply to ode to the end user

I like saying "It's an Id-Ten_T problem" and I've created my share of Id-Ten_T problems.

Id-Ten_T problem can also be shown as ID10T

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