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    Is a college credit certificate worth it?


    by ehansen8517 ·

    Good evening all. I am looking into getting started with a career in IT. Currently I’m a technical operations supervisor at a cable company and have a BS in business management. I’ve been looking at a college credit certificate in network server administration program at a local college. Would this be a good pathway to a decent IT job? Since I already have a 4 year degree, I don’t really want (or have time) to pursue an associates or bachelors. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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      Certifications are Important

      by itrecruiter.hou.tx ·

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      I’m an IT Recruiter in the Houston Area. The answer is yes. Certifications are very important in IT. Honestly, what I would recommend is looking into the specific skills needed for the job you want to go into and get certifications in those specific skills. For example, if you’re going into Help Desk Support, maybe you’ll want an A+ Cert, ITIL Cert, etc. Whereas, another job would require different skills and therefor the hiring company would look for different certifications. Companies do look at this and some even require it.


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      by cciedumpspoto ·

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      If you are going for the courses like the CISSP, this is going to be quite worthy, else, you would have to go through certain prerequisites that are mentioned in the certification. If you are looking for a good study center, join SPOTO for better results.

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