Is a good firewall enough to continue the lifetime of WinXP?

By chdchan ·
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As many people are still using the legacy WinXP for quite some time, the question of how to safeguard or harden security of the discontinued product arises. What're your professional opinions and experience by the way?

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WinXP and Firewalls

by jqbecker In reply to Is a good firewall enough ...

Short Answer: even with the best standard firewall, it will not be any safer. Why? Most web traffic is on Port 80, and that is wide open on every firewall.

Now, if you mean a UTM Firewall with Anti-Virus and filtering on the gateway, the answer is "maybe", but you also must disable Java & Flash, and use a newer browser like Chrome, Opera or Firefox.

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The Fear of XP Dieing

by EVGA In reply to Is a good firewall enough ...

XP is just off Microsoft's development that mean whatever vulnerabilities are in XP are going to stay forever. News flash to all there are vulnerabilities in all MS products.

If something bad is going to happen its going to be in the form of a virus or a malicious piece of Code. you can always reinstall Windows Xp if infected.. Keep up to date with Antivirus and if you want a good third party firewall and AV I recommend Norton Internet Security from amazon its usually around $30 to download. Second if your going to go to some of the uglier parts of the Internet don't or install VirtualBox and run a Copy of Xp virtualized inside your XP so if you do get a Virus or Something Malicious you can delete the Virtual copy and start again

I have been uploading viruses to (A tool used to tell me what Antivirus would have caught my malicious code I uploaded and Norton has done a pretty good job) My opinion does change every so often but as of right now Norton Internet Security is my favorite to recommend for home users.

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