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Is a half cm square screen small enough for you?

By Oz_Media ·
I know people are always looking for smaller devices these days, so would a portable device with a screen less than square meet your needs? LOL! How's that for a niche client!

Seriously these guys make OLED displays for fiberoptic applications. 0.5cm .

It sounds great and the resolution is fine, but I just think it would look sorta funny mounted on my vesa wall mount in the living room.

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by Jaqui In reply to Is a half cm square scree ...

embedded into a pair of glasses to view video footage from spy cameras.

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Nah those are cheesy

by Oz_Media In reply to sweet

I've worked with such products for ages and they suck.

Glasses, hats or what have you with pinhole cameras, pens with DVR's built in etc.

They look neato, kinda like the X-Ray specs you find on the back of old comic books, but they are all shite. Real, quality covert products cost a small fortune.

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but Oz

by Jaqui In reply to Nah those are cheesy

this display is the quality display for them

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In this case

by Oz_Media In reply to but Oz

They really are quite high end, but more for industrial and medical applications than covert use. Spy vs Spy would be lucky to sell a single one to the pedophiles and kiddie diddlers they sell gadgets to.

No fat slob with a shoe cam in the ladies department will be in the market for such high quality products.

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Take a look at what this is used for

by Shaste In reply to Is a half cm square scree ...

The devices that this screen is used for makes plenty of sense. You do not watch on this or mount it on a wall. These are used in high-grade binoculars or 3DVsision goggles

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Take a look?

by Oz_Media In reply to Take a look at what this ...

It's my client, been there used them. The OP was just a joke.

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The page

by NexS In reply to Is a half cm square scree ...

With info regarding the microdisplays is the most useless thing I've ever seen in webdesign.

They've jam-packed it with over-technical information that means absolutely as much as a dump on a golfing green to people looking at the page for information.

I mean, I still don't even know what the **** a Microdisplay is. There was so much sh!t on the page that I didn't bother cyphering the actual information from abundance of bar charts and other tot.

Ha! Good find Oz, cracked me up something proper.

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I didn't build it

by Oz_Media In reply to The page

And have no further comment, it's a client.

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I never said you did

by NexS In reply to I didn't build it

Nor did I think you did.
It was merely an observation. Perhaps even a discussion on the good and bad uses of webdesign -- in no way accusing you of the latter.

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I know you didn't

by Oz_Media In reply to I never said you did

I wouldn't put my name on that, but then again it is perfectly suited to their target market, which doesn't include non echnical consumers. Their market wants specs and details straight up, it's not exactly a grabber full of hooks and pitches.

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