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Is adding Agile to testing a good task?

By pavan2 ·
The main objective of testing is to uncover the defects based on the deviation from the defined requirements. This objective of testing and the testing techniques remain the same in traditional approach as well as testing in agile. The adoption of agile has taken place in massive organizations and small teams and to some extent it has changed the tester’s role. However, we can also deny this because in traditional testing, testing is performed by a group of testers. There will be close interaction with the developers who design the code, and the code will be sent to the QA team who develop a test plan and then test the code. In agile, the development is more collaborative and iterative. It has changed the position of testing and made it more difficult to apply the traditional testing techniques in some of the scenarios. This doesn’t mean that it’s time for the manual testers to pack their bags and quit. As per the growing agile methodologies, the focus is more on changing the way testing should work and not to remove the process of testing completely.

Many organizations today have adopted agile methodology and we see that the people and the teams who are into agile have not made much changes to their testing process and they still follow the same ways they used before to test. There is no way organizations who follow traditional approach of testing maintain the same pace with their teams who are into delivering the new functionality in a week or two. Unfortunately, it often takes a toll on testers who work overtime at the end of every sprint and they also need to catch up again for the next sprint.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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