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Is all fair in pop-ups and war?

By kirk227 ·
I visited about 6 months ago and starting instantly I began getting about 50 pop-ups daily, in Russian. Not being fluent in the language I couldn't get rid of them. I spent days sifting through my registry. When I finally found where they hid the insidious files, I decided to unhide some of the hidden files. Somebody took serious revenge for it and destroyed my OS. I had to do a total format and I lost important stuff. The culprit wouldn't email me so I could have my say. He or she would write nastygrams and they'd pop up in word pad, note pad, you name it. I was the one who's computer was invaded. If a file is on my computer shouldn't I be able to do as I please with it? I didn't request anything. I only glanced at the site. Who is in the wrong here?

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If what you stated is true, they are. However, you shouldn't

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Is all fair in pop-ups an ...

have anything happening on your system now if it destroyed your OS as you should have had to rebuild it.

If you have done a complete rebuild of your system, then you need to do so and be sure you got rid of any malware placed on it. One way to reduce such attacks is to use an OS other than Microsoft Windows, a switch to Unix or Linux will cut back on what they can do to you. But check what applications you want to run first, as many programs are written solely for Windows and some do not have an equivalent Linux or Unix version.

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Yes, complete rebuild was necessary.

by kirk227 In reply to If what you stated is tru ...

I had to do a complete format by removing the HDD and putting it into an external case, then hooked it to another computer and reformatted it that way. I couldn't have possibly done it in the original computer because format is a command and it would accept no commands. The worst part was not being able to respond to the idiot who kept chastising me via anything but email. It was like being locked in a cage with a deaf tormenter outside. He actually said "unhiding hidden commands is something we in the industry who are gentlemen, just don't do". Just imagine what I would have liked to have said in response to this, but the sleazebag "gentleman" wouldn't allow me that common courtesy. One thing I learned though. If someone wants in that knows as much as this weasel, they'll get in.

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Next time you communicate with the turkey, if you do,

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Yes, complete rebuild was ...

tell him that the REAL gentlemen in the industry do NOT use hidden commands at all. REAL gentlemen, and REAL programmers do it all up front where people can see what's happening.

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Thanks for your support

by kirk227 In reply to Next time you communicate ...

I totally agree with you. Also real gentlemen allow their adversary a chance to voice their opinion. A real $&^#$%@@#$* on the other hand, communicates in a manner that makes any response impossible. Even in debate both sides are allowed, even encouraged to present their viewpoint. Only in a lecture is there no opportunity to respond unless the lecturer allows it. I was so furious at this person (and I suspect who it is and you may also) for weeks before I realized I was beat. Not fairly, but like a playground bully beating up the nerdy kid 1/2 his size. I hope he's really proud of his ability to beat up defenseless people. He certainly seemed to be enjoying "teaching me manners". Maybe that's what passes for manners in his country, but not here. Thanks again.

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Quick Question...

by Justin Lynch In reply to Is all fair in pop-ups an ...

Were you running antivirus/firewall protection at the time of your 'visit' to, a Russian based computer security company?

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by kirk227 In reply to Quick Question...

I had active protection with Trend Micro Internet Security and firewall running at the time of the invasion. Whatever the hacker did caused my machine to fail to respond to any and all .exe commands. I couldn't even go into DOS. I couldn't run regedit. I couldn't do a system restore. All processes were made unavailable. I did email Trend Micro and told them that the hacker had cut through their product like a hot knife through butter.

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by jfuller05 In reply to Is all fair in pop-ups an ...

did/do you have a firewall running? Without a firewall, these things can happen.

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Firewall and security.

by kirk227 In reply to Firewall

Read my latest entry.

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Trend Micro

by jfuller05 In reply to Firewall and security.

Have they responded to your email yet? I would be interested to know what they had to say about this.

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My email to Trend Micro

by kirk227 In reply to Trend Micro

I did indeed email them about it. In fact they generously gave me the perfect opportunity to do so. They sent me a reminder that it was almost time to renew. Obviously I couldn't help but relate my tale of woe to them and tell them what I thought of their so called "Internet Security". They never responded. One thing of interest I learned sort of by accident from Trend Micro. The database they use for their updates is the "Symantec list of known viruses, Trojans etc.". I paraphrase, but the point is the same. It made me wonder if all the AV progrmas use Symantec's database. I bet many do.

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