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Is anybody else useing a Palm?

By preston_terrell ·
I finally broke down and got a new cell phone. This one has the palm 4os on it. The thing is outstanding. I am a Cisco guy, and its the most amazing technology I have worked with, too see both phone/email/applications all integrated into one.

That said, being new to palm, what applications are other consultants useing? There is a boatload out there. I have tried a few in the past few days but, I would love to hear the recomendations from people who have been useing a palm for a while.

I noticed there isn't much on handhelds on Techrepublic, so I figure I should open the list to more than just Palm, any experiences with any type of Handheld would be great.

As a consultant, all I need in a day is a contact manager, email, phone, and something to track client time with. Give me a telnet comand line and winVNC on my cell phone and, well lets just say my laptop would become a playstation3.

I bought the Kyocera 7135. If your a consultant like me, spending all day going from client to client, with nothing but a drivers seat and steering wheel inbetween you will love it! The email and contact list is outstanding, although I need the client billing part, along with anytype of management or Helpdesk tools.

Anybody have some suggestion?,,,,sorry for the long post, but hey take a look you will understand.

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Avid Palm User

by Global Office In reply to Is anybody else useing a ...

The palm, while not a PC, has many uses. For your specific need I would reccomend ACT 6.0 This is a contact management package that will allow you to track everything about a customer including time and it syncronizes between the desktop and Palm with alerts and to do lists. I use it all the time.

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Everything is possible

by CraJen In reply to Is anybody else useing a ...

I've used a Palm device for over 6 years now and I think it is the best piece of kit I have ever had.

There is a VNC Client availbale but it is really a bit of a gimmick really. It's a good thing to have installed on "show & tell" days. Still though, if you're stuck it's better than nothing.

There is a Telnet/SSH client available from Mocha and that has gotten me out of trouble a few times. On an older Palm I did have a tool that would upload/down Cisco configs but I have no idea where that is now.

I just find it a great way to manage my day. I have a Tungsten so the bluetooth connection works great with my cell phone, I always have the right number handy.

There are plenty of websites around with apps that are always worth a go.

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Looked at ACT

by preston_terrell In reply to Everything is possible

I use Act, the only thing is when I synced it, it got all my contacts........mistake!

TFTP server on Palm, I am a Cisco Consultant, I could use that. I played with VNC and have about the same opinion.

I am still amazed, I am going to bug Tech Republic to do some more with it.

Thanks for the post guys,

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