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Is anybody home?

By maxwell edison ·
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.... home .... home .... home....

I hear an echo in here .... here .... here .... here ....

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by GSG In reply to Is anybody home?

Because the site is so weird now, I think most everyone is gone. I think the worst part is that you can't see all of the discussions in discussions. If they're linked to an article or blog, they aren't showing up when you filter for discussions, so that's pretty much turned into a questions and watercooler area, plus, we can't delete spam. If we try, the post still stays there visible and then we get an error.

I think everyone is just waiting to see if the issues get fixed. It's pretty disheartening at this point.

Oh, and some of us can't post unless we stand on our heads, turn three times counter clockwise, burn incense, and recite Edgar Alan Poe's "The Raven" from memory. In fact, I had to try posting this several times, and I'm still not sure it'll show up.

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Another upgrade from H*ll

by AV . In reply to Is anybody home?

It is very disheartening that it has been weeks and they haven't fixed the most basic of things - like being able to reply to a post and having it show up as a reply. To top that, there is not even an acknowledgment that the PTBs know there are still problems and they're working on it. There's no communication at all.


PS: Good Lord, the spam filter turned the word Hel* into asterisks. Are we in grade school now? Should I say Hades instead?

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They are working on it

by GSG In reply to Another upgrade from H*ll

Today the moderators have had some communication about a team that is working on the various issues.

IE has been noted to be a particular problem from IE 8 to IE 10. I believe someone mentioned that Chrome is working better than most, and Firefox might also have fewer/different issues.

I've found a workaround for some of my IE issues. If I want to read anything, I have to be in regular non-compatible mode, but if I want to post, I have to make sure I log in then change my browser to compatible mode. This is regardless of whether I'm on IE 8 or IE 10.

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It's been over a month,

by wizard57m-cnet Moderator In reply to Is anybody home?

and still the site behaves worse than a Junior High science experiment hosted at SourceForge! None of my "typical" web browsers allow posting, only 2 that I have, Konqueror in Slax or Qupzilla...interesting in that Konqueror is KHTML based, the precursor to Webkit, which is the basis for Qupzilla, as well as Chrome, Safari, etc. Opera Presto dice. IE Trident and browsers using Trident...forget it.
I'm beginning to think the "engineers" (using the term very loosely) that built this site were using some tablet SDK and it "Worked fine on my tablet when I uploaded it to the server". Oh, and this sure does not speak well for their skills!

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by Shellbot In reply to Is anybody home?
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Oh wow

by Shellbot In reply to Is anybody home?

I can post now. Yay.

Holy moly people, this is what we call a dog's dinner.

I mean, I gotta think that there are test servers at TR .. why were they not used?

Anywho's, wanted to play for a bit but seems no one's home.
< takes ball and sulks off into the sun >

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too funny

by Shellbot In reply to Is anybody home?

the "time" of my last post is:

39 seconds from now

Thats how freaking awesome I am peeps..I can post in the future!

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See, Shellbot

by AV . In reply to Is anybody home?

That's a talent you didn't even know you had. Now if you could only pick lottery numbers . . .

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All good things...

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Is anybody home?

This is my first attempt at posting in over two weeks. I'll try once, but it if it doesn't go through I won't try repeatedly.

I've gone for days without even thinking about this place, much less looking at it. Two months ago that would have been impossible. I had this joint as my homepage in FF and always had at least one browser tab open to TR. Now I only remember it exists when newsletter hits my mailbox.

This forum has become as cumbersome as ZDNet. Actually, it's worse; at least ZDNet has three levels of nesting; TR now has none. We can't reply directly to a post, we can only post sequentially. There's a limited number of comments per page with no option to see all comments on a single page. I sort a page in 'Oldest First' order, and have to keep resorting it when I go to the next page. There are different forum formats for content-spawned articles vs. community-based discussions. If you edit a comment, saving it takes you away from the discussion, with no obvious way back.

Let's face it, these factors would have killed extended conversations by now even if everything had worked properly on Day One. I'll keep looking at the authored content weekly, and check occasionally to see if things improve in 'Community'. Until things improve, y'all take care.


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I was just going to say the same thing.

by Keighlar In reply to All good things...

I used to come here almost daily, but now I'm not sure if it was a week or 2 weeks ago that I attempted to visit last. Honestly, things don't appear to be too much better. Some - yes - but not a lot. It's an improvement that I was actually able to click on REPLY and it worked. Well, maybe. We'll see if this posts. :)

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