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Is Bill Gates too rich?

By rob_serve ·
Any thoughts

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Are you kidding me?

by TomSal In reply to Is Bill Gates too rich?


As long as you make money by working legitimately..what you earn you earn, and there is no limit so long as you don't kill, sell drugs, hurt people for profit, etc. etc.

A lot of people say Bill Gates is the devil because he buys companies, and his company uses unfair monopolistic advantages -- and I agree the latter is wrong.

However he goes through the court system and gets fines and the like and ultimately he'll get his if he continually follows those practices. But the buying of companies is what they call BUSINESS, it happens and frankly it makes good business sense to eliminate your competition or acquire a company that does something real well so they can do it real well for you.

I hate MS policies with their licensing structure, their fees for support are way too high, and the way they constantly expect you to buy new products before the "old" one is even really that "old".

But I'll never get mad at an HONEST non-killer/drug dealer/rapits kind of business/organization for making a lot of money.

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by afram In reply to Are you kidding me?

Why re-invent the wheel when you can acquire a popular existing product?

Mr. Gates also donates billions of dollars through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for health and education projects (providing technology to schools and disease research). At least they share some of the wealth.

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There are reasons for such humanity

by Oz_Media In reply to agreed

and they are no always upstanding.

Certainly charity is respected and NEEDED from the more wealthy in the country, but when it is done PURELY as a tax write off to hide money and refrain from paying your share,then it is questionable whether it is heartfelt or a good business decision, thus the donor really doesn't warrant too much credit as a humanitarian that is looking out for the less privaledge with a heartfelt act. No sincerity.

Unfortunately there seems to be a REALLY fine line and you can't ***** when someone donates to charity.

I would be amused to see how much was ACTUALLY donated if NO tax break was offered, woul dthey STILL show such sincerity? Or would $500.00 suffice in thier minds. Remember people don't ususally gain such wealth unless thay have an inherent NEED.DRIVE for more money and a GREED that is practically uncontrollable.

Picture daffy duck with the riches of AliBaba's cave, MINE, MINE, MINE, AAAAAALLLLLL MIIIIINE! MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! ALL MINE!!!! ]:)

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by jdclyde In reply to There are reasons for suc ...

"I may be a coward, but I'm a GREADY little coward!"

I feel it doesn't matter to the people receiving help why they got it as long as they get it.

Most businesses do donations to buy "good will", even if they don't get the killer tax break.

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In some cases I'm sure

by Oz_Media In reply to Daffy

Then again, why do people slap thier logo on banners when they support chairty's or vie (quite competetively) for advertising based on a donation, or label the food they send to foreign countries in aid? How big will me logo be, I want to have my web address and my e-commerce logo bigger than company B's, how much more money will it take?

Name recognition, not only do they want to help, but they want it known WHERE that help comes from.
Yes I have companies pull their charitable donations alltogether if they don't feel they are being credited with enough promotional advertising stating how they are premium sponsors and hpw they want to be noted as offering more than the standard partner sponsors etc.

It creates friendly public persona that increases business favoritism and revenue. I have been in marketing and advertising for quite a while now, ANYTIME I have organized a relief effort (including one which several bands will be doing together in a few weeks for the tsunami relief) or sought support or a cause, the issue is HOW many colors can our logo be, how LARGE will our logo be, we want our logo be included in brochures etc. If not, the donations and support are reduced a great deal.
Business minded people have one frame of mind no matter how charitable they are, "HOW DOES MY COMPANY GAIN VISIBILITY?" "HOW WILL WE STAND OUT AS A BIGGER CONTRIBUTOR THAN THE REST?"

It's not too impressive, it's not one or two but the majority of companies and it is usually deemed an honest act of charity where in most cases it is for free press. Some even reduce donation based on advertising coverage, they see it as buying press not donating to support charity.

The one exception to this rule I have seen in many years is from Fraser Downs Racetrack and Casino. The general manager has NO concern about his company name,logo or any press. He couldn't care less if his logo was even included.

He is also one of the most respected hand-on, sincere and proactive managers I have ever experienced an dit shows in his personal and business successes as well as they respect of the staff.

It's not the nicest thing to see from people, but it is a reality. Most companies will dnoate very generously, if they will in turn reap a generous benefit.

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No such thing

by Oz_Media In reply to Is Bill Gates too rich?

I don't agree with how much of his success was gained but hey, there's never such thing as TOO rich. At least I am sure his great great grandcihldren won't think so.

Success and unlimited wealth should be made available to all, I just don't like the way that people WITH money use that 'power' to abuse and exploit in order to make even more money. I fyou can't do it ethically and legally, then tough, you made enough.

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Have you ever seen his house?

by jdclyde In reply to Is Bill Gates too rich?

You wear a badge that sensors detect. The house adapts to the person that is in the room knowing how warm you like it, how you like the lights and even music playing that follows you from one room to the next.

It is so cool.

No, and it is silly for anyone to ever sit around and say they think he has too much.

If he does something illegal put him in jail. If it is a lessor crime then fine him. If not leave him alone.

98% of us would not have jobs in IT if it wasn't for Bill putting out software that allows people that can barely operate a toaster to use a computer.

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by dbertsche In reply to Is Bill Gates too rich?

Who gets to decide this? I feel like as long as he's not hurting anyone or doing anything illegal there's no limits.

We're going to be in trouble if we start limiting people. It's one of the things that makes the US a great country.

Usually when people start raising such issues they're jealous. Also remember he may be rich moneywise but is he rich in other ways?

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You Know

by maecuff In reply to Is Bill Gates too rich?

It's funny you should ask. Bill called me the other day and asked me the same question. He was whining (as usual) about the responsibility and stress that comes with being a kajillionaire.

It just goes to show you, money doesn't buy happiness...

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by Oz_Media In reply to You Know

It will buy you a staff to take care of the most important issues while you vacation though.

Gates could rid himself of ALL responibilty and stress instantly bu simply sellin gout MS, he would never need to work again, nor any one of his relatives for many years.

People with that much drive could never answer the question how much is too much, there is NEVER too much and there should always be mroe. Unfortunately the same mindset that has killed many great and powerful people long before they had the abliity to enjoy their wealth.

Gate chooses his life, he wants it busy ad chaotic and most likely couldn't function if it wasn't.

Rock stars often complain about the work and the busy schedule, they are also doing exactly what they have always dreamed of doing and wouldn't give it up for anything. Elton John is a hissy little prima donna, bitching and whining for a living. He doesn't need to be, he doesn't HAVE to work but he couldn't imagine doing anything else, or even worse, nothing at all.

Enjoyng money is the key, I don't have all that money, but the money I do have I enjoy. All work and no play is a sad existence, no matter how much of it you have.

I would rather earn $10 and spend $10 having fun, than have 10 million and be stressed forever and unhappy with everyone because Iwanted 20 mil instead.

Who gets to enjoy the 20 million and why did you bother earnin it?

I don't work so I can have money, I work so I can have a life.

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