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    Is Biztree’s ‘Business in a Box’ Software legit?


    by plangdon ·

    I am a younger user that is beginning to embark on a small business venture. One of my coworkers just suggested that we purchase ‘Business in a Box’ for $200.
    From their website:

    “including over 1,500 business documents such as contracts, legal agreements, board resolutions, meeting minutes, letters, spreadsheets, plans, proposals, press releases, policies, forms and checklists, Business-in-a-Box is an essential tool to help you start, run & grow your business like a pro.”

    The reason he suggested it is because he does not want to spend as much time writing out contracts and non-disclosures and other legal documents by himself. I confess, with a technical background, I am not very fluent in Law and have no gift to help him.

    But do we really need to spend that much money on that MANY documents? I am having a hard time seeing the value of this proposition other than saving him time, but I need to know if anyone has used the software or would recommend it as valuable.

    if nothing else, I’d be happy to hear your opinion on the problem, even if you haven’t heard of or used the software.

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      by plangdon ·

      In reply to Is Biztree’s ‘Business in a Box’ Software legit?


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      by santeewelding ·

      In reply to Is Biztree’s ‘Business in a Box’ Software legit?

      That’s petty cash.

      If nothing else, a close review of the contents may open your eyes to what you had no idea whatsoever about…a crash course.

      That is, unless you are a third-world microfinancing client, and $200 is the extent of your loan.

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      Lots of questions with no easy answers here

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Is Biztree’s ‘Business in a Box’ Software legit?

      But as to the big one Yes Biztree’s Business in a Box is Legitimate.

      As this has legal Documents in it you need to look at them first to see if they are useful to you or are reverent under your Local Laws.

      However $200.00 is [b]Chicken Feed[/b] you would spend more than that at the first meeting with a Solicitor just to get them on a Retainer to write out your Legal Documents which is going to cost you heaps more.

      Of course if you are a Legal Office with Solicitors/Lawyers on Tap you are only paying their time to write out the agreements or whatever but I would imagine the 4 or 5 days minimum taken to write the required documents would still be far more expensive that the stated $200.00. Though you would have a more personalized form letter, agreement or whatever than someone else work for mass consumption.


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      Business-in-a-Box is the real thing!

      by alejandro-ag ·

      In reply to Is Biztree’s ‘Business in a Box’ Software legit?

      Hi there, I hope I can answers some of your questions.

      Is the software legit?
      Business-in-a-Box has over 2 million happy users worldwide who save time and money by using our templates. It is definitely a legit investment in the growth and success of your business.

      Spending that much money?
      Seeing a lawyer for 1 document could cost you upwards of $700-$800. You can write your own contracts, however the reason to see a lawyer is to avoiding loopholes that could damage your deals. The legal and business contracts and agreements in Business-in-a-Box were all written by lawyers and we’ve made it easy by building a document management software where all you need to do is fill in the blanks and print.

      That Many documents?
      We’ve put together a library of not only legal contracts and agreements but also many tools to help get your business off the ground, such as Budget management spreadsheets, market analysis templates, assessment of cost, financial plans, business plans and more. We also provide 100’s of letters to communicate professionally with customers, suppliers, partners and employees. it also includes accounting, credit & collection tools and forms. Essentially everything that you need to run your business effectively is available for you in one place.

      As your business matures and grows you will require different documents and tools which are all available in Business-in-a-Box. Plus we are constantly improving our software by adding new documents and features. If you don’t see the value of 1500+ documents today, you definitely will in the long run.

      We take lots of pride in our software and this is why we give you the opportunity to download a demo version before purchasing, we want you to see how the documents are worded plus the features and all the other goodies. Go ahead and test it out, let us know what you think and if you have any questions we are always here to help.

      Alejandro Gonzalez

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      I simply call it e-Company Secretary

      by patrick ngeli ·

      In reply to Is Biztree’s ‘Business in a Box’ Software legit?

      We decided to buy the license after receiving $1,300 offer by a lawyer to draft a shareholders agreement and $900 for incorporation services and board resolutions. We also questioned the quality of drafts we got from lawyers and after downloading a trial version of Buying Biztree, we realized they had better templates covering more than just legal affairs (finance, HR, sales etc.).

      The only issue we had was that after editing the agreement and restarting the machine, the file got corrupt and we could not recover it. I guess it’s better to copy and paste the template in word before editing it coz Biztree support could not avail effective recovery tools for technical errors found in PC platform (MS Office).


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      Biztree Business In A Box is a solid value at $200.00

      by rmbauer1 ·

      In reply to Is Biztree’s ‘Business in a Box’ Software legit?

      I previously owned a manufacturing company that I purchased from a corporate conglomerate. We used a high powered law firm in a major US city to help us with the merger and aquisition documents and negotiations, with those costs exceeding $100K. After that we kept this law firm on as our corporate counsel to provide the company with legal advice, contracts, agreements, etc., all at an hourly rate of approximately $425.00 per hour with our annual costs averaging $40-$50K annually. Most of the documents in Business-In-A-Box are very similar to the documents, contracts and agreements that we received from this prominent law firm, except that ours were tailored to our specific needs. As with all legal document templates, you can use the templates as a starting point to save you money and then have an attorney in the state that you are incorporated in or where the documents governing law clause is located (this is of course your choice), review the document you want to use and make additions or subtractions to the documents. By doing this, you save the upfront cost of having the basic document drafted by an attorney to your specific needs at a relatively high cost and you then receive his advice and suggestions with the changes needed to meet your specific states requirements. Most attorneys use “boiler plate” contracts and agreements as starting points for most legal documents anyways. Business-In-A-Box is essentially a compilation of “boiler plate documents” at an exceptionally good price. Essentially these are your two choices if you really want to have contracts that are worth more than the paper they are written on. Just my two cents worth.

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