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Is Black History Month Still Necessary?

By mattie289404 ·
Ran across this article in emagazine Here's what it said: Does the country still need to dedicate a month to learning about the contributions of African Americans? Has African American history now converged with American history, and, therefore, the celebration should be eliminated. Morgan Freeman, a long-time critic of the holiday, strongly believes that Black History Month is not just unnecessary but ?ridiculous.? According to Freeman in a December 2005 60 Minutes interview, black history should not be relegated to a month. In fact, argues Freeman, Black History, after all, is American history. So what do you think? Is Black History American History and why do we or don't we need a month set aside for it...What about Japanese History Month? or even better Indian History Month I mean the settlers wiped them out and took their land.

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There are...

by jvdavis456 In reply to Is Black History Month St ...

There are heritage and history months for other ethnic groups, including American Indians.

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Yes, there are

by jdclyde In reply to There are...

but because of the political climate, why is only ONE held up and has a big deal made about it?

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Necessary? No.

by jdclyde In reply to Is Black History Month St ...

Desired by many? Yes.

I completely agree with Freemans points on this, but on the other side of the coin, it doesn't hurt me one bit as a white dude, for there to be honored, a "Black History Month".

I am not their target audience.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Necessary? No.

I agree with you on this. I don't see a need for it per se, but it has no bearing on my situation by existing.

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True, but it is a source of aggravation

by Tink! In reply to Necessary? No.

to those whites who get rubbed the wrong way every time focus is specifically placed on blacks.

In a sense, placing this type of emphasis by promoting such a month, is also promoting continued racial divisions. If ever we are to become one society that welcomes all races and cultures as equals, than we should stop creating special moments where all the attention is focused on one race or culture.

The more we continue to segegrate special times for one specific race, the more we create the feel of segregation within the hearts of the other races.

Black history is indeed a part of American history and is taught thusly in schools. Has been for a while now. Therefore, it really doesn't need it's own month any longer.

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It is the hypocrisy of it that is annoying

by jdclyde In reply to True, but it is a source ...

Just imagine what would happen if there was a "White History Month"?

There are plenty of racist organizations in place for the furtherment of this single race, but just try to have instead of United Negro College Fund, we had the United White College Fund?

Hypocrites and racists, abound in the world.

Oh, that is right, you can't be racist if you aren't white. I forget that.

It is a joke to hear how MLK made more of a difference to the country than Washington or Lincoln.

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by Tink! In reply to It is the hypocrisy of it ...

Every MLKJ Day my hubby never fails to mention that black employees are given the leeway to take that day off on fear of discrimination cases coming down on the company, but if a white person tried to take off Lincoln, Washington or even President's day - would it be excused? NOT!

Our society to chock full of hypocrisy..ESPECIALLY when it comes to discriminiation.

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I am not their target audience.

by Oz_Media In reply to Necessary? No.

Well you are the target audience but it doesn't make any difference. I think you are well aware that Africans were brought ot America on slave ships where they were put to work and hung for noncompliance as needed.

They then were freed, and now are far from being a visible minority in the USA. Martin Luther King, Ida Wells-Barnet etc. All made great contributions to black people living in America.

That said, we don't have caucasian day to educate black Americans on white history. I don't think it would really make any difference either, much like black history month doesn't.

A black history month used to actually have meaning, it was an opporutnity for people to focus on learning the heritage and roots of many early Americans that helped to forge the America you livein today.

With most such history being as common knowledge as white history, is there really a need to dedicate a day to learning it?

Mind you I also agree with you, if it doesn' teffect you in any way, who the **** cares? But I do see it as unnecessary these days.

I just got back from Seattle early this morning, back again this upcoming weekend, being amongst white minority in Seatlle, I'd be more interested in caucasian American history, it seems to have been pushed aside as being too prejudiced.

But there's just one thing I can get out of my head this week,

"Oh YEAH, so high and then I fell. Oh YEAH, can't stop the ringing of my funeral bell."

Hows the hunt coming along?

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Slim pickings

by jdclyde In reply to I am not their target aud ...

So far, not much results.

Spending this week at the unenjoyment office taking some of their employability skills classes that local employers are looking for, just to add it to the resume, and taking the cisco classes at night.

Next week, I go visit Dow and see what they have to say for themselves. B-) Getting practice on smaller places first, but I know Dow is hiring and in my field, so that is my target.

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Dow as in Dow Corning right?

by Tink! In reply to Slim pickings

lol. We work with Screenprint/Dow sometimes.

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