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Is's mentorship course worth it?

By zdnetx622e ·
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I have been looking into some online course to beef up my development knowledge, and I came across's mentorship program.

Anyone tried its online mentorship course to learn programming? How does this fare against other courses such as Dev Bootcamp and General Assembly?

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I'm not sure..

by simon27 In reply to Is's mentorship c ...

..if you really need a online learning program which costs you something. There are so many good tutorials and (e-)books out there. The main work of learning has to be done by yourself anyway :)

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I did it and I loved it.

by kudzooman In reply to Is's mentorship c ...

I did Bloc's 12 week full stack course and I loved the one on one mentor/mentee relationship.

To back track a bit, I was initially looking into General Assembly (GA) and a few other 12 week, Mon. thru Fri. 9am to 5pm bootcamps but because of my schedule I was forced to choose

So, to be honest the decision was made for me. That said, is half the price of GA so that was a bonus too.

Because there is no official dedicated 'classroom' time Bloc programs are far more reliant on the individual/student making sure he or she sets aside a minimum of 5 hours a day to work on the course curriculum. This may be a key part of the answer to your question, "Is Bloc's mentorship worth it?" As with most things in life, you get out what you put in.

FYI, I have a friend whose brother did GA's full stack bootcamp and loved it and got a jr. Rails Dev job a month or two later.

Before Bloc I had dabbled with codeacademy, codeschool,, and several other free coding/edu sites but having a mentor (and plunking down a small sack of gold) really motivated me to work/study.

So in conclusion, if you can afford it money-wise and schedule-wise I think GA is a great choice but if you can't Bloc is fantastic. But, if you are incredibly disciplined and an autodidact by nature you may be able to teach yourself via books and MOOCs.

Good luck!

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