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Is broadband good enough?

By TangYP ·
Broadband is still very new in my country so would like advise from other experienced users.

My question is...

Is broadband technology good & reliable enough for us to run a web server & for Virtual Private Network?

We are currently utilising 128k ISDN but would like to switch to a faster connection. Leased line is *very* expensive here and a cheaper alternative is broadband. I plan to install a 1.5m download/upload SDSL line but would like to hear comments to see why I should or should not do it.

Thanks in advance.


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Hope this Helps

by James@Advanced In reply to Is broadband good enough?

You need Static IP therefore you would require Leased line. ADSL has offering for single IP and would work but everything would have to be virtual. It might take heavy toll on your gateway server.

To have a smooth system on 128K, its advisable that you have more IP addresses so that you can do Cluster for scalability and can assign multiple machines to serve various purposes.

No way out...
You would have to pay for it, even if it costs.

Your VPN is for remote offices or both remote offices and mobile users out in the field?

If both, then you will need to engage MPN.

What's the diff?

VPN while providing secured connection to the Intranet has its complexity.

Mobile private network on the other hand has features of a VPN but also rendering mobile computing experience.

With Mobile Private Network, your connection is seamless and pervasive.

For example, if your client is loaded with MPN software client and has blue tooth capability and also an 802.11x or an Ethernet installed. While in the office, you may use your lan. When you get out in the field to do you stuffs MPN client detects available connection when needed. Your blue tooth kicks in connecting to the Internet through your blue tooth handphone (GPRS) and tunnel you through to your Intranet and also encrypting your data Blowfish/DES/AES whilst delivering your data. If an 802.11x hotpsot is detected, it seamlessly changes the tunnel connection through the AP instead without killing your application. The same happens when you get out of the AP range, it switches you back to your GPRS connection. Hope this helps.

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