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Is Cisco 2500 adequate?

By swetbak ·
We have a network with about 70 users and currently our ISP handles our email. We are seriously thinking about bringing an Exchange Server in-house to host our own email (because we want to share our Outlook calendars). We currently are using a Cisco 2500 router w/NAT as our Gateway. I was told by a vendor that this router wouldn't be able to handle the amount of traffic (ie spam) that it would receive once we started hosting our own email.
Anyone have any thoughts on that? or recommendations?

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You're being BS'd

by road-dog In reply to Is Cisco 2500 adequate?

The type of traffic you are bring in from the WAN can be handled by the 2500 series routers. You might want a little more memory... maybe.

The only question is if the link will still be useful for Internet access with spam consuming resources.

Say you have a T1 inbound. The router can take everything a T1 can transport. The fact that a large portion of it is SMTP makes no difference to the router.


If you are not upgrading the link or otherwise altering your connection, fire your vendor. Make sure you tell your contact's supervisor that you don't appreciate being lied to.

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by troy In reply to Is Cisco 2500 adequate?

The statement by the vendor that the 2500 wont be able to handel the traffic is not correct.

BUT more detail is needed to fully answer the question.

A 2500 can run a 2 meg frame with the Firewall feature running with the correct IOS and enough memory.

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