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Is cloud computing for business or the individual

By Jackober ·
We have to upgrade soon to SQL 2008 or move to cloud computing. Since we are mostly "ignorant" as far as Cloud is concerned we need your expert advice on whether it will work for small business?

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Way too many possibilities here for any sort of answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Is cloud computing for bu ...

Firstly it depends on what your company actually does. If there are any regulations to keep the Data Secure that sort of immediately rules out any form of Public Cloud Storage though if the company was to setup their Own Private Cloud it may be fine.

The next thing to consider is how fast and reliable is the companies Internet Connection? Slow uploads or a unreliable Internet Connection will mean that when using any form of Cloud that is not located in the building that no work will be done when there is no internet connection.

Even if you have a great internet connection what will the costs be of using the Cloud Providers SQL Program? It's not free and someone ends up paying for having it there. Also do they run the same version of SQL as you do? If you are running Microsoft SQL and the Cloud Provider is using My SQL it is possible that your Data will not be a straight Transfer or that some of the more complex scripts will not work. The same applies to any other SQL that is available it may not be 100% compactable with the version of SQL you are currently using. But then that also applies to moving to a newer version of the Microsoft Products, it's quite possible that what worked previously will no longer work or worse still appear to work but produce inaccurate results.

Public Clouds work well enough for the Public where they can afford to loose all of their data or have others look at it and possibly change it, Business on the other hand tends not to like the idea of every Boy & their Dog having access to the Raw Data and able to make changes. Then you also have to consider what happens if your Cloud Provider gets into Finical Problems, who actually owns the Data on their Servers, is it possible that your Data will be sold to another company by the receivers of your Cloud Provider or even that your company will not have access to their own data or even possibly have to pay to get a copy from the receiver of the Cloud Provider that the company choses.

If you have to comply with any regulations for Data Security things get even worse as there is no actual control over your data in who gets to look at it, the employees of the company who maintains the Servers it is stored on or for that matter where it is actually stored. It may not be in your state or country depending on where the Cloud Provider gets the best rates for what they need.

I suppose the question is would you find it acceptable to have a unknown person walk into your Office and poke around in the computers without any form of supervision? That is what will happen when your Cloud Providers repairer is called in. You have no control over their Security their employment or anything for that matter and have to rely on what you are told by the Cloud Providers Sales Person which may not be strictly speaking correct. It's even possible that your Cloud Provider will rent space on another Cloud Providers Hardware so you have even less control over your own Data and in the event of them going broke are not even a customer of the company who is actually storing the data and have no way of recovering your own companied data let alone not finding yourself in a Auction bidding to buy your own data back from the receiver who is doing their job making as much money as possible to pay the creditors.


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