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Is cloud data migration safe?

By vishalcloudfuze ·
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Hi All,

As you know that personal and business purposed people uses cloud data storage and transferring their data between cloud storages from one cloud to another.
Is it safe to transfer the data online as some of the files have sensitive information?

What do you think?
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So far, no.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Is cloud data migration s ...

I see no need to supply examples since the failures continue to happen.

I hope your IT/CIO/CIT and such do their best and keep all data not only password protected but encrypted. Both on the cloud and during transfer but leaks continue to happen.

Do you know why?

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Encryption helps to make it secure.

by ms62manoj In reply to Is cloud data migration s ...


Migrating to cloud storage is not a guarantee that your data is protected. Still, there may be a risk of losing your data.

To ensure the safety of your data, it needs to be encrypted both at rest and in transit. Encrypting your data reduces a lot of chances of your data breach.

In the end, the safety of your data migration totally depends on the type of cloud storage you choose. So consider everything and keep monitoring your migration process and the data migrated.

If you find anything suspicious then perform quick action to protect your data.

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Secure Cloud Data

by ms62manoj In reply to Is cloud data migration s ...

Although, it is beneficial to opt for cloud migration. However, We must ensure the 5 tips to secure our data during cloud migration.

1. We must understand the shared responsibility model before selecting the cloud server.
2. Try to adopt phase transferring. It will help the team to develop familiarity with the cloud system.
3. We should determine how to meet the requirements for storage, encryption, and backup.
4. Always try to encrypt your data, encryption helps in protecting our important data.
5. Centralizing your monitoring and use the security tools to prevent your data from hackers. Cloud connectivity increases the opportunity for hackers.

However, by effectively managing the cloud server we can protect our data.

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