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    Is Cloud Hosting is Secure?


    by tejas_ambekar ·

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    How is a Cloud Hosting secure?

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      tools needed

      by billrosten ·

      In reply to Is Cloud Hosting is Secure?

      It can be sore sure if you use some additional tools to be secured.

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      How safe is cloud?

      by asamits765 ·

      In reply to Is Cloud Hosting is Secure?

      Cloud security is achieved through the implementation of appropriate technologies and policies like it is for other IT environments. Those used to secure the Cloud, however, are suited to agile environments and are certified by independent specialized third-party auditors. These audits provide a measure of assurance to customers that their Cloud provider has internal processes and capabilities for managing security which meets stringent standards.

      Cloud is “probably more secure than conventionally stored data”

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      Thank You for your reply

      by tejas_ambekar ·

      In reply to Is Cloud Hosting is Secure?

      As per your comment I really feel I need a cloud security solution, so plz suggest me some of them.
      One of my friends suggests me CloudCodes.
      Is there any other in your mind.

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      by flawey ·

      In reply to Is Cloud Hosting is Secure?

      In order to secure the cloud hosting follow the next steps:
      – Backup Data Locally
      – Avoid Storing Sensitive Information
      – Use Cloud Services that Encrypt Data
      – Encrypt Your Data
      – Install Anti-virus Software
      – Make Passwords Stronger

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      best security practice

      by m njoko ·

      In reply to Is Cloud Hosting is Secure?

      cloud environments are more secure than traditional environments, international best practices are used to secure cloud environments.

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      depend upon hosting provider

      by sfcable ·

      In reply to Is Cloud Hosting is Secure?

      Yes cloud hosting offers reliable and secure environment to the end users. also It depend upon hosting provider how they are concern about the security of servers and other thing.

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      Is Cloud Hosting is Secure?

      by dbcomp ·

      In reply to Is Cloud Hosting is Secure?

      It a known fact that cloud hosting is a secure service. And today many businesses are using it to on-premise environments and hence it gives them a feeling of security.

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      Is Cloud Hosting Secure?

      by sithembile1998 ·

      In reply to Is Cloud Hosting is Secure?

      it a known fact that cloud hosting is a secure service. And today many businesses are using it to on-premise environments and hence it gives them a feeling of security. And in cloud hosting, as the data is directly uploaded to the server so there’s no need for any physical hardware.

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      Secure Cloud Hosting

      by dosarrest ·

      In reply to Is Cloud Hosting is Secure?

      Cloud data is shared over the interconnected servers which allow accessing of data from anywhere and at any time. As a result, it seems less secure. But, the cloud is not totally insecure. The cloud security is implemented by different policies which ensure the total security.

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      The answer to that question is

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Is Cloud Hosting is Secure?

      How Important is the data you want to store?

      When it comes to security there are way too many variables with little things that the Storage providers will not make mention of things like a Specific Country requiring Storage Providers to make the data available to the Government of the country that the data is stored in if requested and this is most commonly required on data from foregin sources.

      When you take into account to be fully redundant some Cloud Storage Providers will store the data in several different countries so it is always available no matter what may happen in an indivual country the Total Security of the Data can be limited without breaching one line of the Storage Providers Claims to you the customer so when they say they are secure they are to the limit of the Laws in the Countries where they store your data.

      Most countries require storage providers to allow them access to foregin Data when they request it so unless you know specifically where the data will be stored and the Laws of those Countries as well as your own country as there may be laws requiring Storage Providers to make available to your Government any data that they have transfered from your country things can become very murky.

      Just remember all of the above doesn’t even consider companies being bought out or going broke and then what happens to any data that they are storing at that point in time becomes very suspect as there can be no garantees what will happen to any data that they have on their servers at that point in time.

      So to answer your question Yes The Cloud is as secure as the provider claims but the real question is what you you Consider as Secure and does it tally with what the Cloud Providers Claim?

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      by roncloudgeek ·

      In reply to Is Cloud Hosting is Secure?

      Yes, Cloud hosting is more secure when compared to another hosting.

      Cloud hosting

      Cloud hosting is a relatively recent and very interesting option. It is an evolution of traditional hosting using cloud technologies that distribute the service provided between several physical machines.

      In this model, charging by consumption (processing power consumed, etc.) is also very typical


      The entry options usually have a higher price than the shared hosting options.
      In this scenario, it is more complex.

      There is an offer with very good quality / price ratio (for example, the Gigas provider )
      Because of the inherent flexibility of the concept it is a hosting able to adapt so very quickly and easily to changing user needs.
      As a general rule, cloud hosting here should also be a valid formula. Firstly, because with well-optimized applications you can support considerable traffic and because, in addition, normally, in this case your budget will be limited and by not providing a commercial service you should be able to have a certain tolerance to problems like punctual drops before very strong peaks of demand.The estimation of the traffic cap, in this case, becomes more complex because it depends a lot on the concrete application and it is impossible to generalize it. A well-optimized WordPress blog with cache plugins and other measures, for example, does not generate the same load as a discussion forum (because of the high% of comments that trigger write operations in the database, which are heavy operations for the server).

      As an orientation, a well-optimized WordPress blog can support perfectly > 100,000 pageviews/month. In fact, it is not unreasonable to support something else.

      A shared hosting option may be perfectly valid with a provider that has high-quality standards.

      Types of hosting

      Shared hosting

      Shared hosting is the most appropriate option for the vast majority of users. Surely we are talking about that for 95% or more of the readers who come to this post this is the most appropriate hosting option. Among them are not seen, each has its own private and exclusive space, but the load generated by its webs on the server is shared and therefore the loading of some websites can affect others.

      In general, it adapts very well to the needs of personal use (for example, a blog) and professionals and small businesses.
      This option is very economical and, with a good provider like ours, you can get really good benefits for little mo

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