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Is cloud virtual machine a viable substitute for personal desktops ?

By jhonbaptist13130 ·
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According to my research, this is what i conclude. But im not sure.

Companys like ibm and google provides services of Virtual Machine on cloud, allowing me to customize the vm when i want to. And charge me for my hour usage according to the vm hardware specifications, wich i can also customize. At first the fee seems to make these cloud vm more expansive in the long run, but since i can customize the vm hardware constantly, and pay only for its current hardware usage, then i could change the vm according to my current needs at each moment, and pay 50% of time for a very bad hardware, and 50% of time for a very good hardware, or whatever my needs are. Lets say i use 60% of my desktop time to work, 20% to watch movies and 20% to play AAA Games. Each of these activitys uses a diferent cost of hardware. So is very well possible to have the same monthly cost a phisical pc would have, or even less, since the physical pc dont allow you to pay only for the time spent.
There is also the other economical advantages, such as the lack of assistence and ocasional acidents, as well the cheap high speed internet conection (once you pay for a 1-3 mb /s internet to receive the stream, the server internet do the rest).
Thee only problem i see is the privacy.
Am i wrong ?

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Virtual desktop`s do cost cutting

by Dianadickson001 In reply to Is cloud virtual machine ...

As a user, there is no difference.
As an owner, it is huge gap between those two. Considering maintenance, access to data and availability to user, traditional computer is no challenge. Only cons VM may have is the fact that it cost more if you want to own it. If you use cloud services, costs are smaller than traditional computer.

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Yes, cloud virtual machine is a viable source.

by care1570712783 In reply to Is cloud virtual machine ...

What you have conclude till now is absolutely correct. Cloud virtual machine are very much vital for organisation. As long as you are concern about your privacy, there are various cloud computing vendors who can assure you for your privacy.

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Cloud + Virtual Machine a good combination

by henrycartersmith93 In reply to Is cloud virtual machine ...

Yes absolutely right, virtual machines in the cloud do offer all the specs you need to whatever you desire to do but are they really affordable? For small businesses yes and maybe for personal use but not recommended if you are a large enterprise. cloud is way too expensive when the requirements increase As far as privacy is concerned it's not much of concern when you are going for Amazon's AWS and Microsoft Azure or combining both of them with the help of stonefly smart cloud technology. These are very secure platforms they have got layers of protection with low latency.

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I believe it is viable to an extent

by assisto365 In reply to Is cloud virtual machine ...

If you are person constantly accessing internet services to generate, store and retrieve data, then you can rely on cloud VM.
In case, you use different devices to do all the above mentioned activities, then cloud VM is for you.
The only problem is data security. Even for that, the server has it's own security measures and there is an extra layer of cloud security added to it.
Also, as you mentioned you would only pay for the uptime and the processing power you use. But, to witness the advantages of that, you'll have to have faster internet connection.

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Yes, depending on what's needed

by PeterWanKenobi In reply to Is cloud virtual machine ...

I agree with all your points, however, to echo what was mentioned earlier by @henrycartersmith93 it really depends on the scale.
Also, you are pretty dependent on your internet connection, should a network error occur on either side your whole environment will be unable to access their desktops.

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cloud virtual machine

by jahagirdarajinkya In reply to Is cloud virtual machine ...

Working on cloud based virtual desktops rather than personal desktop has countless advantages for businesses. These range from improving cyber security to flexibility, passing through cost reduction or hassle-free implementation of updates.

1)Reduction in support, infrastructure, hardware and deployment costs- Having a remotely-accessible, centralized infrastructure reduces business costs on many fronts. Support staff can resolve incidents virtually, without having to travel. The hardware and infrastructure requirements of staff working on virtual desktops are greatly reduced. And software and operating system updates or new applications can be implemented virtually and centrally, without needing to be installed individually on each device.

2)High scalability and flexibility- The market is constantly demanding higher speeds that can cope with peaks in demand, as well as the flexibility to adapt to drops in the volume of work. The use of a cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure allows you to easily increase the number of desktops in order to meet the needs of new staff, wherever they are located.

3)Greater storage space- The cloud’s capacity isn’t infinite, but it’s close. By using virtual desktop technology, each user will have access to a much greater storage space for applications and files than they would have on a hard drive on their device. This is particularly important if you work with mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, as they don’t tend to have large storage capabilities.

4)Increased information security- Working on a virtual desktop means that the data is not on the device, it’s stored in the cloud. Therefore, in the case of a fault, theft or cyber attack on the physical device, the information is safe and backed up by one or various copies in the cloud.

5)Increase in productivity and flexibility for employees- Individual workspaces become available at all times, regardless of where the employee is or what access device they’re using. This allows them to maintain their rhythm of work, without interruption, during a journey or from home, if necessary.

6)Protection of business continuity- Whatever happens, data is backed up in the cloud and the virtual desktop infrastructure can be accessed remotely. In this way, companies reduce the possibility of interruption to their business to practically zero.

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Yes, Cloud Virtual machine Is A Viable Option

by Bhavleenkr16 In reply to Is cloud virtual machine ...

Hi user, First of all, the answer to your question is Yes. Cloud virtual machine is a viable substitute for personal desktops. The things you have stated are also correct up to any extent. Still, if you opt for cloud services from a third-party cloud provider, they offer you entirely managed services, and you can get the benefits at a nominal monthly expense. You don't have to create your own VM or buy any server and invest a huge sum of money.

Moreover, as you talked about privacy, then I have researched that nothing is better than going on the cloud and taking services from reputable cloud hosting providers if it comes to security. The reason is that they store your data under multiple security safeguards like OS patching and hardening, Intrusion detection and prevention, end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication or single sign-on feature, and many more. Let me know if I can help with anything else.

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