Is Clould technology always compromising data privacy/security?

By chdchan ·
With Cloud, we are moving data/services from self-owned premises to third parties, or at least losing some privacy. Are those cloud services over-advertising but disclaiming their responsibilities over possible security loopholes?

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Not really sure what you are asking here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Is Clould technology alwa ...

All Cloud Services except the ones that you own comprise your Security. Simple and easy.

So in my opinion Private Cloud = Safe well as safe as you currently are and Public Cloud = Unsafe with no real safety for the business using that Public Cloud Service.

However to go further if you buy into the Public Cloud BS you have no control over your Data which can be a good thing in the event of some major incident like Flooding, Cyclones, Power Outages etc as you can be back up and running quickly after whatever it is is over.

But the down side is when the Public Cloud Provider goes broke there is as yet no set procedure as to who owns the Data that you placed in that Cloud. It is quite possible that the Receivers who are appointed will consider that your Data is theirs to do as they like with which could be to hold it hostage till you pay them and take out a Long Term Contract for storing that data, they could not only charge you to use it but on sell it to who ever offers them money and you could very well be in a position where if a Cloud Provider goes broke you may not be able to access your Data to keep your business running till the Receivers decide what it is that they are going to do. Also in the event of Financial Difficulties of the Cloud Provider any Insurance that they claim to have in place is likely to lapse and you are left uncovered and exposed.

There is also the problem of your Business being Exposed to Legal Actions when there is a Data Breach in a faculty that you have no control over.

So overall I consider "The Cloud" to be extremely expensive particularly as at the moment you are unable to insure your Business against Data Loss in a Public Cloud, you have no idea of if you can continue to operate if the Cloud Provider gets into Financial Difficulties or who owns the data that you place in the "Cloud."

However if you just look at the monthly cost of storing it there and the cost of your Accessing it there it is very cheap compared to the alternative of storing the data on site and maintaining adequate security. Of course when there is a Data Breach in your Cloud Providers Data Centers all bets are off as to how long your business will stay afloat and how much the Owner will be responsible in any ensuring Legal Actions brought against your company or who will be held responsible for Privacy Breaches which may very well result in Jail Time for these responsible.

Not to mention No Internet = No Data to work with so until the Net can be returned working the company is unable to continue to function so a protracted Net Outage may very well send you broke depending on what it is that you do. Remember that some Idiot with a Back Hoe can take out the Internet to a State or larger area in under a Minute if they dig in the wrong place and that can take hours/days to repair. Things get far more difficult when underground cables are not where their owners think that they are and it need not be stupid actions which takes the Net in your area down for a protracted amount of time.

Depends on how much you are prepared to gamble I suppose when it is all said and done.


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Reponse To Answer

by chdchan In reply to Not really sure what you ...

So let public cloud be a backup or contingency, or not for the bread & butter part of business should be the best bet. Choosing the right providers as large as Microsoft or public sector can avoid a broke possibility too.

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Well it's more likely to make things better

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Is Clould technology alwa ...

But it by no means implies that the company will not go broke. Remember Enron?

If any company gets Poor Management put in place it can fail very quickly.


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