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Is CPU exploiting possible through RF?

By lzrs70 ·
Tags: Piracy, Security

Someone has been hacking me repeatedly since many months now. I find it understandable that this may be hard to believe for anyone who may be reading this, but it all started more than one year ago, when some one from my previous ISP related to an ex partner, started hacking me. For instance, I once noticed that someone had logged into my Gmail account in the early morning with the IP this ISP provided me when all my devices were turned off and I wasn't even awake.

After that, I changed to a different ISP, but the signals of someone hacking me continue: for instance, sometimes I have reinstalled Windows 10, some icons of programs that don't come with the Windows DVD (like Booking or Avast) appear on the desktop right after the installation. Apart from that, there are many signals that someone else has control of my computer and cellphone (for instance, the cellphone brightness changes by itself when I am simply using it, or sometimes I have to insert the unlock pattern up to 3 times to unlock the cellphone screen, Windows programs lock or act weird even after a fresh install, etc.).

So, after seeing all these signs, I decided to open my laptop, remove the internal Wi-Fi card and Bluetooth adapter, format the whole HDD and reinstall Windows 10 from scratch once again. However, right after finishing the Windows 10 install, there were some of the many signs that someone is hacking me, like an overall weird behaviour of the OS. By the way, this also happens in Linux (OpenSuse and Linux Mint) in the same PC.

Apart from what I described above, sometimes the living room and bathroom lights have been flickering (turning on and off) with no reason.

I know all this sounds crazy. But I think someone who is against me or simply has the mindset of a teenager is using advanced equipment to keep annoying me and pestering me. I live in a 2nd floor, so I wonder if some equipment placed outside my building (for instance, inside a car) might be being used to hack me. They’re obviously exploiting some CPU vulnerability, since all this happens even with my router turned off and with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules removed. By the way, my laptop is an ASUS R510V with an Intel Core i7 6700HQ CPU.

Any ideas or advice?
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Possibility of malware

by pooja1588142131 In reply to Is CPU exploiting possibl ...

You can consult a cyberscurity expert and get your system checked for malware presence.

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by lzrs70 In reply to Possibility of malware

Yes, probably there is some malware installed. I already asked a security advisor and they told me they don't know what might be wrong.

The weird thing is whoever is hacking me, is doing it even after fresh installs and without me even being connected to any type of network (wired or wireless). How are they doing it is beyond me. I guess they are using some equipment (some type of RF interference/exploiting equipment, maybe?). All this is crazy, because I didn't know it was possible to hack someone without they even being connected to any network. Besides that, in case they are using some special equipment, I'm just an ordinary fellow (not a politician, criminal or anyone who might be of special target for someone), so all this has me baffled.

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