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Is DCM # important for identical drive?

By j_morgan ·
I have a problem that I am sure has happened to many people...

The power supply in my computer surged, taking with it quite a few PCI cards, a DVD Burner, a CD Burner, and a hard drive. I was due for an upgrade anyway... but I'd still like to get the data from my hard drive if at all possible.

I've done quite a bit of research, and it seems like I should be able to swap the logic boards from an identical hard drive. Makes sense.

So my question is regarding what constitutes an identical hard drive.

The drive that was burned is a western digital (more precisely, a wd600ab-00bva0). I've done a little bit of looking on eBay, etc... and have seen a few. But on the back of the hard drive, there is also a "DCM" number (in my case, it's DRBABT2CB). What is this number? Does it have anything to do w/ compatibility?

Basically I need to know if the "identical" drive I'm looking for needs to have the same DCM number or if just having the same model numbe ris OK.

I've done quite a bit of looking around, and I can't find this info on the internet (and WD's website is particularly unhelpful).

Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated!


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by TheChas In reply to Is DCM # important for id ...

The model number is what is important.

I took a look at a couple of WD drives that I have and did not find a DRM label.

I suspect that the DRM label may identify the drive as an OEM drive for a specific manufacture or lot of drives.

Now, watch ALL the characters in the model number. I have seen WD drives that while similar have minor differences in the model number and have radically different controller boards on them.


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by j_morgan In reply to Is DCM # important for id ...


That's odd that you couldn't find the DCM number. I have a scanned in pick of the back of my drive -- is there a way I could post it so that someone could take a look. I'd just feel better knowing FOR SURE that I'm not wasting my money over some stupid DCM number.


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