Is deleting .dll files safe?

By wolfticket2003 ·
I recently uninstalled Realplayer from an old Dell pc (pent. III running Win-9
due to the application's constant requests for a license before playing music from CDs I had purchased and uploaded into seems that after installing XP Pro onto the same machine, my entire music library became unusable with Realplayer. (i followed their support instructions, but I never made a back-up of the file license.)
I wanted to do a clean install of the player which I DO like, but after deleting the folder/files, there are still 2 files which I'm being WARNED not to delete, or my PC will fail.
These two are below:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Codecs

Finally the question:
What will ahppen if I delete these files, both of which are .dll as displayed below?


Don't want to disable any operating files, processes, or necessary applications because of my ignorance..,all help appreciated.

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dll dependencies ... it can be a hard one to determine

by sgt_shultz In reply to Is deleting .dll files sa ...

i usually google the dll's to see if i can figure out what they are. (yours seem to be Real Player audio codec related, nothing that will cripple your system if they are missing)
why don't you just rename them. then if you have problems you can rename the 'back'.

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dll dependencies-reply

by wolfticket2003 In reply to dll dependencies ... it c ...

I did Google them...nothing useful or decipherable found, but re-naming sounds do-able. I've heard it suggested as a solution to troublesome files before.


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Try this

by Tig2 In reply to Is deleting .dll files sa ...

Download and run CCleaner (available from recursively until there are no remaining issues or registry fragments. When you begin, the tool will ask you if you want to make a back-up (this is in the registry analysis). Say yes and back up your current reg to your desktop (you can move it later if you want).

That should clear the platform for a fresh player install.

Alternatively, you can download replacements for those dlls here: and have them on hand in the event that they ARE necessary and delete your heart out. If it does hose the machine, you can just put the files back where you found them.

I THINK that Real is just trying to stay on your machine by protecting itself.

A quick Google search might be in order here too.

Good Luck!

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Try this -response:

by wolfticket2003 In reply to Try this

I did google the usable info; however thanks for a software tip and the step-by-step..

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Web Search

by Fred123456 In reply to Is deleting .dll files sa ...

Well when I have questions about a dll I usually just search on it to find out its importance.

They are both codec files for Real Player. So if you are planning to install the latest real player program you can safely delete them.

File Name: ddnet3260.dll
File Size: 36864 bytes (36 KB)
Company: RealNetworks, Inc.
File Description DolbyNet(tm) Audio Codec for RealAudio(tm)
Product Name DolbyNet(tm) Audio Codec for RealAudio(tm) (32-bit)
OS info Unknown


File Name: Dnet3260.dll
File Size: 36.903
File Version:
File Company: RealNetworks, Inc.
File Description: DolbyNet(tm) Audio Codec for RealAudio(tm)

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related question; Real Player

by wolfticket2003 In reply to Web Search

Would you happen to know whether deleting these .dll files will enable the original R-Player music files to be played on the dell, (win98 w/upgraded xp-pro)once I re-download the player?
So far, without that back-up file (lic.), all of my 9 gbts of music are useless..I've tried saving the files into other formats, but they either are not recognized, won't play, or just not compatible with the Win-Media player's proprietary format.

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