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    Is Dell laptop rental good?

    by ngaicuong2017 ·


    My company in Vietnam is planning to buy 100 Dell laptops for long-term rental. Is this good?

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      Reply To: Is Dell laptop rental good?

      by kees_b ·

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      So your company wants to buy the laptops and rent them to their customers?

      We know nothing about the market in Vietnam for renting laptops, so it’s difficult to say if this is a good idea or not, in principle.
      We don’t know the reputation of your company nor the competencies for servicing and repairing the rented laptops nor if you can find the money to buy those laptops. So it’s impossible to say if it’s a good idea for your company, even if tie would be a good idea in general.

      Better write a business plan first.

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      What models? What business plan?

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Is Dell laptop rental good?

      I’m going to share that I did the IT for my brother’s insurance biz. Way back at the beginning I helped him switch from NEW laptops to refurbs. I think we pay/paid a third of new and didn’t worry much about the cost of the fleet. At its peak it was 100 laptops which as they were about 90% refurbs the few failures were handled by me either replacing the piece that failed or swapping for another laptop in the “IT closet.”

      In 2022 he sold that business so looking back we call the move to refurbs a resounding success. Along the way we transitioned to all SSD and no hard disks. We found the users were happier and we had less failures. win-win.

      Today we still need the occasional laptop and again we tap the refurb market to pay half or less for a laptop that’s more than enough for insurance work.

      One last thing. We used a lot of Dell Latitudes. Yes we had a few consumer grade Inspirons but those seemed flimsy and were the models that failed before our usual 5 year swap out happened.

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