IS department requires a new IS budget/forecast system

By chris.covert ·

Are there any good IS Budget and Forecast systems out there for Information Services departments? We are looking for affordable, robust, and customizable system. Big name players and small little outfits with a solution are all welcome.


Here is a quick architechtural overview of our current IS budget syetem:

IS budget system is built on excel 2000 spreadsheets.

Each IS group has a manager who has an excel spreadsheet application that he/she enters forecasts, actuals, etc.
Each spreadsheet has a summary sheet, project sheets, and various other summary sheets.

Each month and quarter a very labour intensive task (40+ spreadsheets) must be consolidated into a single spreadsheet.

I would like all users to access only one spreadsheet file, and depending on the account supplied (either username type in, or windows authentication) the spreadsheet template would be populated accordingly.

The account would determine the number of worksheets (ie. one manger may have only 5 projects/worksheets, another might have 10). It would all be driven from the database.

It would have update, delete, and insert capability to the database.

Are there any good websites, resources, forums, for learning how to use excel as a front-end accessing data from a database (Access 2000+ would be fine)?

Currently if logic has to change on the spreadsheet, we write custom update VBA script to loop through all the spreadsheets in the directory and update the formulas with VBA.

I have heard of a program called Excel Writer but is there anything out there a little more grass-roots programming?

thanks again.

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