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Is desktop computers best for home?

By jeanrdevine31 ·
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Please suggest me some tips that whether desktop computer is best for home or laptop


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desktop anywhere

by john.a.wills In reply to Is desktop computers best ...

Desktop computers are easier to use almost anywhere. Their only disadvantage is that they cannot be used on one's lap, which is sometimes necessary (or at least some users think it is), and, more generally, that they are not easily portable. A desktop as one's base is best, and a laptop as an extra to be carried around, if really necessary.

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Choosing one over the other may depend on your daily usage

by KayPoland In reply to Is desktop computers best ...

It's simple to decide. Choose based on your priority
Desktop gets more options for hardware upgrades such as graphic memory HDD RAM and Processor cooling fan list goes on but lacking portability.
Laptop: will not only let you move it to the next room but also you can take it to school/college or on vacation and most of the laptops will allow you to upgrade HDD/SSD and RAM memory.

Choosing one over the other may depend on your daily usage so kindly enlight with more information that what will be your daily task on it?

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Either Or why not both

by mjd420nova In reply to Is desktop computers best ...

I bought a Lenovo desktop and laptop, both with the same specs. A desktop can be configured with a wireless keyboard and mouse and work from your lap like an LT but with a bigger screen. Portable is nice when needed but the new phones can do so much more. Why not a desktop and a tablet?

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Storage and Power

by TheChas In reply to Is desktop computers best ...

Well, the first thing is if you need a lot of storage, or need a powerful computer at a low cost, a desktop is your best option.

That said, depending on what I am doing, I use either a desktop, laptop or tablet.

My music and document collections are on a desktop system. (Yes, the data is backed up.) I also find it easier to type and work on the desktop than on a laptop. At a minimum, I would use both an external keyboard and mouse with a laptop for extended work.

While the laptop is primarily for travel, I do keep copies of some files and emails on both systems.

I use my tablet for simple browsing and while stretched out on the couch watching TV.


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by techodin In reply to Is desktop computers best ...

I like the idea of a laptop, because you have the freedom of taking it to work, home, or a cafe. Laptops are so powerful these days, so if all you're doing is basic software and internet, then nothing wrong with a laptop.

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What do YOU need?

by RS_Darwin In reply to Is desktop computers best ...

It's important that you know what you need versus what other people think is best according to their experience.

Desktops PCs are great for:

1. People who would like to upgrade hardware and parts here and there.
2. Those who can't easily remember where they left certain things. Desktops are pretty much set up to stay in one place so you don't need to look for it in case you forgot where you put it.
3. People who don't think portability is that much of a big deal.
4. People who prefer dual monitors over just a single one. Desktops can be set up with multiple monitors.

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Re: Is desktop computers best for home?

by Mike_Cartwright In reply to Is desktop computers best ...

What will you be using the desktop for? Assuming that you haven't made up your mind yet. We can't suggest things if we're not exactly sure what you're looking to get out of the device? Are you considering other options aside from a desktop PC? Anyway, it doesn't sound like you'll be responding to this thread anytime soon.

A desktop PC nowadays isn't as bulky as it was a few years back. It doesn't have to render you stuck in one area of your house so you can move it around and connect it to a different monitor like any plug and play device.

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Is desktop computers best for home?

by themrgarycole In reply to Is desktop computers best ...

It depends. I like a laptop better because I can bring it anywhere but desktops are great too because of storage and power it has versus laptops.

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Desktop PCs

by cudest01 In reply to Is desktop computers best ...

Desktop PCs are not dead. Well, not dead dead, anyway.

Sure, these days phones and tablets have replaced PCs for a lot of us when it comes to getting day-to-day stuff done. Then, when more power or a bigger screen is needed, you probably turn to a laptop, which can even pull double duty as a desktop, hooking up to a monitor, mouse and keyboard when needed.

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What will you use it for?

by sophiehendrix031 In reply to Is desktop computers best ...

It depends. If you're always traveling or simply just moving around the house, go for a laptop. But if you can sit for hours at home then a desktop is better.

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