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By mbyrne3375 ·

I need to set up a system such as the following. A main server holding images that automatically distributes the image to remote server drives so they can be accessed from the the remote server,

So 1 main server replicating to serveral child servers. But the child servers are the servers when the images will be accessed.

Is this possible using DFS? or is there an alternative

Nathan Byrne

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by Nyxbox In reply to IS DFS THE WAY

can you clearify what your describing please i think i understand but im not sure. What are you trying to accompish? and do you know what the purpose of DFS is?

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ok here goes...

by mbyrne3375 In reply to um

What i am trying to achieve is a system that replicates a set of data from a master server to a set of child servers located on different sites.
HeadOffice1 holds a set of data. This replicates this data to Branch1, Branch 2, Branch 3 etc.

Headoffice1 Data changes, these changes are automatically cascaded to the branch servers

Now i know DFS' principle use is to allow for single point of access for multiple shares, but it can also replicate between shares (part of the fault tolerance), and i want know to if there is servers (like the multimaster replication) or is DFS the way to do easy way to automate replication between these

How to other people manage data that must be same no matter what (remote) server it is on??

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by jmgarvin In reply to IS DFS THE WAY

Why do you need DFS for this? It sounds like you are just setting up peer to peer file sharing????

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by lsmith1989 In reply to Huh?

I dont know a whole lot about DFS but if configured right, it may work. There are also other products out there (DoubleTake(SP?)) that will accomplish this. You can also setup automated scripts that will copy data at a certian time or interval if "Real-time replication" is not mission critical to you.

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