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Is Duke Cunningham a Nigerian? Or is Gonzales also a Nigerian?

By uwanscj ·
There are thieves, robbers, scammers, swindlers and con artists everywhere, in every country. In the US, there are millions of scammers parading on TVs, radios, malls. car dealerships, etc. That doesn't mean everyone in the US is a scammer and this also applies to Nigeria. There are honest, God-fearing people with human conscience in Nigeria, and when the western media makes a blanket statement about Nigerians it hurts those who are clean and live by the law of the land. At the same time, Banks in western countries...UK, US, Germany, Switzerland, France open up their doors for Nigerian office holders to deposit their loots...loots that belong to the people. Now see who is aiding and abetting these 419s and thieves.

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I assume this is an orphan post

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Is Duke Cunningham a Nige ...

meant to be part of the "Nigerian 419" discussion at:

While the use of the word 'Nigerian' by itself is prejudicial, when combined with the numer '419', as Chad has done, the phrase refers to the country and legal code the scammers are violating. Yes, there are con men from other countries; yes, other countries legal codes are being violate. It's just Nigeria's good fortune that many of the earliest exploits originated from within it's borders. This, combined with the country's famously lax enforcement of the law, resulted in a term that common usage has associated with this type of scam. If the Nigerian government was concerned about the reputation of its citizens, it should have enforced its laws when the problem started.

Western banks aren't opening their doors to accept "Nigerian loot"; there is NO "Nigerian loot". That's the whole point of the scam, to promise gullible fools money that doesn't exist in exchange for handling fees, processing fees, transfer fees, etc. It's these suckers who are opening their bank accounts by providing the account numbers to the scammers, so the con men can pull money OUT, not put money IN. Once obtained, the scammers aren't interested in putting it in banks; they're too shortsighted to be interested in saving or investing. The money is quickly blown on booze, broads, and drugs.

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