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Is E-Com a failure?

By nisha ·
Is E-Com a failure or totally successful in IT field?

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It depends...

by generalist In reply to Is E-Com a failure?

If you're speaking about e-commerce, the answer is 'it depends'. Groups with a good product behind them and a good strategy are making money. Groups who lack one or both are losing money.

The question, as far as e-commerce is concerned, is a little too black-and-white to be useful.

Now if you're talking about some sort of 'new and improved' technology called E-com, then I have no idea. Of course, jargon tends to be popular in the IT industry and often the latest buzz word is just another name for an older technology with new bells and whistles.

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by eBob In reply to It depends...

Again, assuming the question is whether e-commerce is a total success or a toal failure, then the answer is: No.

It is however partially successful. And there have been some failures. So it's a lot like real life in that way.

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