Is Foxit as good as it sounds? (Adobe Acrobat Alternative)

By robo_dev ·
Anybody using Foxit extensively?

I plan to do some evaluation of Foxit versus Adobe to see how the two compare.

I need to be able to annotate PDF files and do some import/export from PDF files.

I figured I would need Acrobat Standard or Pro, which are between $150-200 per seat and the extended pro version is even more.

Doing some research, Foxit gets good reviews, and it's 'Standard version' is $22-$39 per seat.

The Foxit PDF editor is $59-99 per seat, and looks to have the features I need.

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It's never done anything but surpass my expectations ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Is Foxit as good as it so ...

I love it. Been using it for quite a while now.

As the old saying goes "It does exactly what it says on the tin."

And what's more, you get to save around 100MB of drive space (minimum).

Only, don't tell Nepenthe0 that I told you!! :^0

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I saw that, Old Mycroft

by nepenthe0 In reply to Is Foxit as good as it so ...

You can run, but you can't hide.

Acrobat is the gold standard if you have lots of gold. At $449 for the Pro version, you need lots of gold.

Storage is cheap these days, so the size of the Acrobat application files is really not an issue. Acrobat loads quickly and opens documents in a finger snap.

Acrobat Pro allows one to create interactive .pdf documents, a hugely useful functionality. I don't know if Foxit can do this.

PDF files made with Acrobat tend to be far smaller than those made from wanna be applications. I have encountered problems opening such documents, and I have lost such documents due to corruption.

That said, I have never lost an Acrobat-created .pdf file from corruption. I'll see pop-ups that the file was made with an older application, but I figured this was just Adobe's pressure to upgrade Acrobat.

In short, I cannot speak for Foxit, but those of us who are familiar with Acrobat and versatile using Acrobat software would never be without it.

No, I wouldn't pay $449 for Acrobat Pro, so I'll hang on to my $120 student license copy of version 6 for as long as possible. Who knows, perhaps I'll go back to school and qualify for another discount...

Put that in your hat, Old Mycroft...

Rick/Portland, OR

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For $449 it should come bundled with a free PC

by robo_dev In reply to I saw that, Old Mycroft

Interactive PDFs allow content to be customized for different users and add Javascript and 'navigational intelligence' to PDF files.

So for $449 a mini Garmin GPS pops out of the screen, and tells you where to go.

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I don't wear a hat - I wear a Glengarry. But you ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I saw that, Old Mycroft

Are beginning to sound like the proponent of the solid wheel, who for some reason cannot accept the introduction of the pneumatic tyre.

Just because it was the first doesn't mean it will always be the only one.

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