is geforce 440 se 128 mb compatible on this mobo?

By A N D ·
i have a VIA Technologies, Inc. P4M266-8233 mobo. is the geforce 4 mx 440se 128 mb graphics card compatible with it?

i tried plugging it in but it gives a system ok beep but no picture! (i know the geforce card is working fine). please help!

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by Slayer_ In reply to is geforce 440 se 128 mb ...

Every graphics card requires a different slot. I believe the Geforce 4 was an AGP car was it not? Your board needs an AGP card AND your bios must be set to check the AGP slot for video rather than PCI slot. I know thats an issue if you can't get picture on screen.

Also, make sure you move your monitor cable from the integrated video or w/e your using, to your new card's monitor port.

If the monitor plug doesn't fit, as it its a DVI into VGA, you will need a converter.


Ok I checked, its an AGP 8 card, there was some notes on the net about that board hating nVidia chipsets, but I wouldn't think that would matter for a video card. I can only find pictures of your board, no specs that would tell me what AGP you have, but as long as it is at least a 4x you should be fine and working, lower than 4x and it might try to drop to PCI mode on the AGP slot. AGP4 is roughly 2002 year of boards.

Check your monitor connections...

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how to change to agp in bios?

by A N D In reply to Depends

the monitor cable fits properly. that i know (i borrowed the card from a friend with the same monitor as mine & a similar system but a newer mobo)!

no video output though. a mobo in the same series but released a bit earlier has agp 4. so i believe mine should too.

please guide me how to tell my bios to check agp.

thanks for the help so far!

here's some additional info on my mobo (thats all i could find)

Board: P4M266-8233
Bus Clock: 100 megahertz
BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG 05/27/2002

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I cant find an online manual for it

by Slayer_ In reply to how to change to agp in b ...

If the option is there, its usually under chipset features I believe, but check all the menus, your looking for something like "initialize AGP first".

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