Is higher throughput is better?

By kaheru81 ·
Hi, my IT knowledge not that strong. Hope you guys dun mind I asking a stupid question.

I recently been assign with an assignment to performance test a FTP server. I gathered the data using a test tool. The test is to simulate 100 users sending multiple FTP request to upload and download file of various size from the FTP server. The test need to be done for 100,200,300,400,...1000 concurrent connection. I got the result data and plotted 2 graphs:
1. KB/sec plotted against file size.
2. KB/sec plotted against no of connection

From Graph 1, bigger file size had higher throughput.
From Graph 2, throughput tend to decrease gradually as no of connection increase. (decrease until 900 connection but for 1000 connection, the throughput value raise up even higher than 100 connection)

1. Is higher throughput (KB/sec) is better?
2. More connection will cause the throughput to reduce?
3. Why is bigger file size will have higher throughput?

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