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Is Intergalactic War Inevitable?

By maxwell edison ·
Former Canadian Minister of Defense and Deputy Prime Minister, Paul Hellyer, thinks so.

"UFOs, are as real as the airplanes that fly over your head ...... I'm so concerned about what the consequences might be of starting an intergalactic war, that I just think I had to say something."

--Paul Hellyer

In the spirit of keeping discussions "technical" in nature, how can the IT community prepare for such an intergalactic war waged against an even smarter ET community? ETs certainly have AT which would have our own IT community working not only OT, but certainly UT as well.

And if an evacuation is necessary, to where would we evacuate? (And let's not even think about the "food chain" thing.)


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by Bob in Calgary In reply to Is Intergalactic War Inev ...

We could write a virus on a mac that would destroy their technology... But that might not work as they may have seen the movie


how about attacking their immune system with the flu ........ no wait that's been done too.

As for evacuation If they can travel across space to get here then there probably won't be anywhere to hide.

Guess all we can do is have a big party invite them down for a few beers and take our chances.

Hopefully they will land in the UK or Canada the beer is better than in the US.

Have a great weekend

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Why beer?

by just_chilin In reply to well

We all know aliens love John (Jack) Daniels ... which of course is from Tennessee

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by TonytheTiger In reply to Is Intergalactic War Inev ...

You've disallowed anything relavent I could have added :)

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Intergalactic war

by neilb@uk In reply to Is Intergalactic War Inev ...

Not very likely so I, for one, will not be preparing for it. Anyone who can cross space from another galaxy will surely be able to kick the crap out of us. But I can't see why they would bother.

Interstellar war? Statistically more likely as there's not so far to travel. But why would anyone do it?

Resources? Any race that develops the ability to travel across interstellar distances can get all of the resources that they want from comets, asteroids and small moons without the hassle of dragging stuff up out of our gravity.

Energy. You can get all you want in space from sunlight. Or spin out a few miles of wire in orbit around a gas giant and the magnetic field will generate electricity.

Living room? Face it. The planet of any industrialised species is probably going to be shagged. Anyway, bore out the centre of a metallic asteroid and fill the centre with water. Heat the asteroid to melting point with solar mirrors. Poof! A several-cubic-mile bubble. Spin it for gravity and live on the inside.

Food? Protein and carbohydrates are only Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen. Make food out of comets.

Just because they're nasty? Well - we're f**ked! They sit in Mars orbit and drop rocks into the oceans. No fall-out, no opposition. What could we do?

So, to prepare. Have another G&T. Relax. It ain't gonna happen.

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Words of comfort from NeilB

by DMambo In reply to Intergalactic war

Thank you for putting my mind at ease. For the 90 seconds when I first read Max's post until I stumbled across your insightful answer, my soul was in turmoil. The point you make "The planet of any industrialised species is probably going to be shagged" are words to live by as they relieve all anxiety that we will be high on any invaders' lists.

Now my only worry is whether I'll get fired for having another G&T while at my desk. :)

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The entire premise for "Independence Day"

by neilb@uk In reply to Words of comfort from Nei ...

shot down like the alien spacecraft...

(and the plot for the alien series 'V', 'Battlefield Earth' - now there was a movie to gag to - and countless others)

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Gag movie

by DMambo In reply to The entire premise for "I ...

I once saw a dog called "Millenium". The story line was that time travellers, having ruined their time by altering the past, tried to relieve suffering by going back to seconds before airline disasters, and replacing the living beings with some sort of carbon based cyborgs. It "starred" Kris Kristofferson and Cheryl "Charlie's Angels" Ladd. Ms Ladd was a babe, but this flick defines Bad Cinema for me. I highly recommend it!

Perhaps BFilmFan can patch the inaccuracies in my account, as I had been drinking pretty heavily when I saw it, but it remains a highly cherished, if somewhat blurry, memory.

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Your totally correct

by ebenezet In reply to Intergalactic war

You are totally correct why would they bother to fight we us....AND by the way we have proof that they can travel trillions of times the speed of light...check this out and look at the footage....It doesn't do justice to the 3 hour video..."Evidence...The Case For NASA UFOs" but give you an idea of the size of the approx. 300 objects we saw going behind this "Tether" during the STS-75 Space Shuttle Mission Feb 28, 1996...these objects are approx. 3 miles across and pulsing in ultra violet energy...(Invisible for those that dont know to our vision) and since they have ZERO mass...they make an end run around Einstein's relativity theory....they could go, using as non-mainstream scientists using their gravity wave propulsion from one end of our own Galaxy (the Milky Way) let alone the 200 billion others instaneously.....

Check out the video....
And as Carol Rosin, who spoke at the Disclosure Project Briefing at the National Press Club said on May 9th, 2001....Werner Von Braun...stated to her 20 yrs ago and many times after that...that we will be convinced that we need to have weapons in space....first because of the evil empire the Russians which were existing at that time (the cold war), then on 3rd world nations and we did...then on rogue nations and that is the currentl scenario and then on asteroids...I am sure you can see that happening...and if all of that fails to convince us to spend hundreds of trillions of dollars on space based weapons (by the way they are NOT needed-Star Wars is complete) they will pull out their trump card and blame having to spend trillions on an ET attack all over the world...and as he was dying on his death bed he stated over and over "and it will all be a will all be a will all be a lie....SO DON'T FALL FOR THIS ALIEN ATTACK BULLCRAP FOLKS its just a setup we could be wiped in a nano-second hundreds of thousands of years ago IF they had so desired but they PUT US HERE........later

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by tracy_anne In reply to Your totally correct

Who forgot to take their medication this week?

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Trust no one

by mjwx In reply to Your totally correct

there's nothing like walking in to the paranoid wing of the local asylum wearing a black suit and talking in to your collar.

PS i have seen an alien, John Howard (the Australian Prime Minister) cant be a human.

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