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is internet explorer the best or the mozilla fire fox

By lateefkhan ·
i think Mozilla fire fox is the best explore than the internet explorer

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by office In reply to is internet explorer the ...

I would suggest Firefox, for its plug-ins. It is also fast compare to IE and crashes less than IE. Many development support plug-ins are there for can even connect all your social networking elements with it.

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by lateefkhan In reply to Firefox

can u suggest me how to download the plug ins

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2 ways

by seanferd In reply to firefox

In Firefox, click Tools, Add-ons, Get Add-ons.
From there, you can Search or Browse all add-ons. Or, you can
For web-development extensions specifically,

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yes it isssssssss

by jwala ram In reply to is internet explorer the ...

but there are many more explorers better than mozilla....

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it is personal opinion

by .Martin. In reply to is internet explorer the ...

but yes, firefox is better

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Dude, you've already done this once.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to is internet explorer the ...

At least you've stopped answering yourself.

How do you define 'best'? Why do you think FF is better than IE? Learn to support your opinions.

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Mozilla Seamonkey works better

by inmoncolley In reply to is internet explorer the ...

The Mozilla Seamonkey Suite (replacement for the old Netscape suite) is at least twice as fast as Firefox to load and also renders web pages faster especially on slower cable or DSL connections. Up until the latest version, I preferred Seamonkey browser over Firefox any time. However, the latest Ver 2.0 is not as good as Ver 1.1.18. The email client freezes everything when searching for addresses. Very few plugins work in the new version. Script dialogs such as those used in TV-Guide don't work. Little things like these seem to indicate that the writers' attempt to emulate Firefox's options has failed.
Firefox's automatic update of plugins does slow initialization.
As for Firefox's claim to loading fast, I find it slower than ever.
I prefer Seamonkey over Firefox but, would uninstall IE forever if I could. I've tried other browsers such as Opera but I always go back to Mozilla "Netscape".

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I refuse all mainstream browser so I don't know

by Slayer_ In reply to is internet explorer the ...

I hate belonging to those groups, or even using the same things as any groups. I like to be as unique as possible, so I use a unique browser.

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How do you download a unique browser?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I refuse all mainstream b ...

Unique up on it.

Sorry. Must be the meds.

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by Slayer_ In reply to How do you download a un ...

best not to question it.

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